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A week of symfony #374 (24 February -> 2 March 2014)

This week, the Symfony Yaml component greatly improved its performance, thanks to its use in the Drupal 8 installer. In addition a new and advanced ProgressBar was proposed for the Console component.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • d5aca81: [Yaml] optimized Inline::evaluateScalar() for parsing strings
  • 5e9f41e: [Yaml] avoided unnecessary line indentation calculation
  • 995a033: [Yaml] improved performance of getNextEmbedBlock by removing unnecessary preg_match and function calls
  • f03e5dc: [Process] minor fixes
  • 3988728: [Config] FileLoader now uses the resolved FileLoader when importing resources
  • 63032c7: [HttpKernel] fixed Kernel::stripComments() normalizing new-lines
  • 4927d0c: changed some PHPUnit assertions to more specific ones

2.4 changelog:

  • 3a46a8e: [ExpressionLanguage] fixed evaluation of short circuit operators
  • a92aa5e: [Serializer] throw exception when unable to normalize embedded object

Master changelog:

  • 120e197: [Debug] enhanced non-PSR-0 compatibility for case mismatch test
  • 3f297ea: improved the readability of the collected arrays in the profiler
  • 1cda2d4: [HttpKernel] tweaked value exporter
  • 15d063b: [Debug] created ExceptionHandlerInterface to allow third party exception handlers to handle fatal errors
  • d638369: removed as many usage of the request service as possible without breaking BC
  • dce66c9: [WebProfilerBundle] removed double-stringification of values in the profiler

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