A week of symfony #376 (10->16 March 2014)

This week, the Process component focused most of the development activity for the Symfony 2.3 branch. Meanwhile, the Form component improved the getErrors() method and firewalls added the feature of matching requests based on HTTP methods. In addition, Silex added support for the PATCH method and Twig fixed the recursive block calling for inherited templates.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 51c70f8: [Process] fixed process status in TTY mode
  • 1b1768a: [Process] made process tests more accurate on exception messages
  • 7e51913: [Process] fixed data in pipe being truncated if not read before process termination
  • 10e903a: [Process] fixed escaping an argument with a trailing backslash on windows
  • 34720c9, cbc2f9f: [Config] convertDomElementToArray should handle zero values
  • e961f57: [DomCrawler] fixed incorrect value name conversion in getPhpValues() and getPhpFiles()
  • 85fb495: [Process] fixed srguments including space and quote are not correctly escaped on Windows
  • 173f8c5: [Process] avoid failure when calling Process::stop in edge cases
  • 238565e: [Process] avoid failure because of a slow process
  • 783e377: [Process] avoid failures because of slow IOs

Master changelog:

  • 5d6ef00, c14d67c: [Security] added class constants for access decision strategies
  • df56c23: [Validator] checked the constraint class in constraint validators
  • ce81199: [Form] changed Form::getErrors() to return an iterator and added two optional parameters $deep and $flatten
  • daac66e: [Form] removed magic from FormErrorIterator
  • a891e14: [Process] added Process::disableOutput and Process::enableOutput methods
  • acc66b9, 85a2fbf: [FrameworkBundle] added posibility to specify method and host in router:match command
  • a8e9ed5: [SecurityBundle] made it possible to match the request based on HTTP methods in the firewall configuration
  • 76b8851: [TwigBundle] added possibility to generate absolute assets urls
  • 40c08c6: [Process] handle idle timeout and disable output conflict

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • ef98ea2, 98903bb: fixed recursively calling blocks in templates with inheritance

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 3a0eac0: allowed to add object initializers, for complex valdations as unique entity
  • 19265c0: added support for the PATCH method for HTTP
  • 5f44909: added PHP 5.6 and HHVM to the Travis file

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