A week of symfony #412 (17->23 November 2014)

This week, Symfony project focused on tweaking and polishing all its features before the big Symfony 2.6 launch of the next week, including its shiny new installer. Meanwhile, preparations continued for the SymfonyCon conference, which will take place in Madrid next week and it will be the biggest event in Symfony's history.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 367ed3c: compared version using PHP_VERSION_ID constant instead of version_compare() function
  • e28f5b8: [FrameworkBundle] be smarter when guessing the document root for the server:run command
  • 92c8dfb: [SecurityBundle] authentication entry point is only registered with firewall exception listener, not with authentication listeners
  • 76273bf: [FrameworkBundle] cache:clear command fills *.php.meta files with wrong data
  • 4162713, 3039935: [HttpFoundation] made Request::get more performant

2.5 changelog:

  • 6e9642a: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the profiler markup when the form has no name

2.6 changelog:

  • 8cf3d69: [TwigBundle/DebugBundle] moved dump extension & cleanups
  • 5526dd7: [HttpKernel] fixed parse error in DumpDataCollector
  • 8871368: [EventDispatcher] extracted an AbstractEventDispatcherTest from EventDispatcherTest and also use it in ContainerAwareEventDispatcherTest
  • 2065e00, b3db574: [TwigBundle] fixed error page preview for custom twig.exception_controller
  • 0d20753: [WebProfilerBundle] added abbrs with type classes

Newest issues and pull requests

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I don't know what to think about the new symfony installer,
seems bit redundant, why not use composer not good enough?
Really don't see the benefit of a installer like this at all.
@Doni, the main advantages of this new installer are the following:

* It's orders of magnitude faster (about 10 seconds vs. minutes when Composer cache is empty)
* It doesn't ask you anything (Composer installation asks you several questions and asks you to provide some configuration parameter values).
* It allows you to have a global "symfony" command in your system which in the future it could provide more useful commands for Symfony.
Most points I don't agree with,
* Faster installation great but not that valuable, if it becomes issue there ways with composer to make it faster.
* I like the questions also you can disable them during installation.
* I already have composer installed globally

Finally we had a good package manager for PHP and now we going the same route as NodeJS with it's army of package managers. Just going to make things more confusing I think.

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