A week of symfony #421 (19-25 January 2015)

This week, Twig introduced a new profiler extension that provides an exhaustive profiling of what's going on when rendering templates. In addition, the the service container is now considered non-fresh when any environment parameter is added/removed/changed. Lastly, the web profiler now displays the information about the HTTP status code for all profiles.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 02bc23a: [Twig Bridge] added support of named arguments
  • 3a3ecd3: [HttpFoundation] fixed baseUrl parsing to fix wrong path_info
  • 41c5be6: added the '-' character for spaceless on tag start and end to be consistent for block, if, set and for nodes
  • 32338af: [Console] made it clear that the second argument is not about command options
  • 1e4a8d5: [HttpFoundation] updated exception message in MimeTypeGuesser when no guessers available
  • 4b36893: [Yaml] fixed parse shortcut Key after unindented collection
  • 5dd44b6: [Console] fixed app/console list finds a namespace ambiguous if it only consists of sub-namespaces
  • aa0bf6c: [HttpKernel] made the container considered non-fresh if the environment parameters are changed

2.6 changelog:

  • 7e19fab: [FrameworkBundle] added missing logging attribute in XSD file
  • 0a327eb: [VarDumper] fixed HtmlDumper with long string
  • 717c6d1: [TwigBridge] fixed bootstrap rendering when user explicitly use form_label
  • f853cf2: [SecurityBundle] fixed tests where cleanup was not done properly

2.7 changelog:

  • 55cc507: [FrameworkBundle] removed usage of the deprecated EsiListener class in core
  • 2606a6d: [Validator] fixed deprecation notice for ElementMetadata
  • 09ed9b5: [Twig Bridge] removed deprecated notices when using the security service
  • f089dd4: [SecurityBundle] decouple the logout PHP helper and Twig extension

Master changelog:

  • f7395c7: [Serializer] removed deprecated JSON error methods
  • e2505b5: [Routing] merged instead of replaced class and method scheme/method annotations
  • b0d041f: [TwigBridge] fixed AppVariable compat with older Symfony versions
  • bf066da: [TwigBundle] made AppVariable compatible with 3.0
  • 34ecda5: [HttpKernel, WebProfilerBundle] added HTTP status to profiler search results
  • c2f3f89: [Console] added i18n support to ConfirmationQuestion
  • 5e5ba39: [OptionsResolver] replaced some exception messages

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 5074114: FileSystem::findTemplate now applies realpath on the template filename before returning it
  • 4408caa: aded a new profiler extension to better understand what's going on when rendering templates
  • 6ec928e: added Twig_Environment::createTemplate()
  • 3b12d55: removed the special Sandbox Module class
  • 57400e2: added more hooks in Module
  • 5f4377b: improved an exception message for missing value of optional arguments
  • e9b8bcc: fixed determining the necessary arguments for callable functions

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 3af0b91: fixed Symfony Form Component deprecations
  • 911f249: fixed Symfony Http Kernel Cache deprecations
  • 12571d3: fixed Symfony Security Component deprecations
  • dfc7d4d: removed usage of deprecated _method and _scheme routing configurations
  • 4c01a36: bumped min PHP version to 5.3.9 to ease migration to the new validation component API
  • 29013a9: removed deprecated TwigCoreExtension class (register the new HttpFragmentServiceProvider instead)
  • d1cd7c1: removed deprecations for the validator provider

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