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A week of symfony #448 (27 July - 2 August 2015)

This week, Symfony 2.6.11 and 2.7.3 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, ACLs were removed from Symfony 2.8 core. In addition, in the last Symfony Core meeting it was decided to add PSR-7 support on a component by component basis.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 3ad0794: [DependencyInjection] disallow to call the remove() method on a FrozenParameterBag
  • 3b6d2a3: [ClassMapGenerator] skipped ::class constant
  • 3358253: [Security] do not save the target path in the session for a stateless firewall
  • 77ee866: fix for substr() always returning a string in PHP7
  • ad6cb10: [DependencyInjection] do not dump leading backslashes in class names
  • 0ce91a6: [HttpKernel] fixed missing _route parameter notice in RouterListener logging case
  • d6db6ad: [Intl] fixed the handling of null as locale in the stub intl classes
  • 7994513: stopped skipping of tests based on ICU data version whenever possible
  • c314659: [Doctrine Bridge] fixed DbalSessionHandler to work with Oracle databases
  • 9b7d4c7: [Routing] annotated routes with a variadic parameter
  • 73c5eff: [Routing] fixed the retrieval of the default value for variadic arguments

2.6 changelog:

  • adc6b30: [Yaml] thrown a ParseException on invalid data type

2.7 changelog:

  • 51bacc6: [Debug] cleaned up ExceptionHandlerTest
  • 07b38de: [Validator] improved Iban Validation (added more country-based tests, added new error type)
  • 4c649dc: [SecurityBundle] compared roles strictly when computing inherited roles

2.8 changelog:

  • a7bef1e: [FrameworkBundle] changed the default value of cookie_httponly to true
  • 251314e: redesigned the web debug toolbar

Master changelog:

  • 9293c43: [Config] type specific check for emptiness
  • 0de8905: [Config] deprecated cannotBeEmpty() for boolean and numeric nodes
  • f02a5dc: [FrameworkBundle] configurable Serializer name converter
  • b26a449: [Security] removed security-acl from the core
  • 8797711: removed code for PHP <5.5.9
  • df4e983: [Debug] removed deprecated ExceptionHandler::createResponse
  • 2abdd50: [Form] use FQCN form types in tests

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • cfa1404: fixed error guessing in blocks in a child template

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 7e8157f: changed the proposed nginx configuration to mimic Symfony's one
  • 3ffe0c7: added form type support in FormTrait for flexibility

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