A week of symfony #462 (2-8 November 2015)

This week, the stabilization work on Symfony 2.8 continued in preparation of its imminent first beta release. Besides, the well-known ContainerAware class was deprecated in favor of ContainerAwareTrait and Symfony added a new micro kernel. Meanwhile, a lot of SymfonyCon related news were announced: there will be a live streaming ticket, the second edition of the Symfony Business Awards will be held and a Symfony edition of the PHP elePHPant will be available.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 30bd397: removed all @covers annotations
  • b4dd254: session.gc_probability=0 to fix transient tests on HHVM
  • 352dfb9, 916f9e0: [PropertyAccess] fixed dynamic property accessing
  • 2c2836c: [HttpKernel] fixed race condition at mkdir

2.7 changelog:

  • 5a6c1f2: [Asset] achieved 100% code coverage
  • b15bdca: [Serializer] PropertyNormalizer shouldn't set static properties
  • d8d4405: [Serializer] GetSetNormalizer shouldn't set/get static methods
  • aa4cc90: [PropertyAccess] port of the performance optimization from 2.3
  • aacbcef: [FrameworkBundle] encode container params only once in JsonDescriptor
  • da95b53: [Form] trigger deprecation warning when using empty_value

2.8 changelog:

  • 11d675f: [FrameworkBundle] better exception message for form services tagged as private
  • 807ebac, 31a0669: [DependencyInjection] deprecated ContainerAware in favor of ContainerAwareTrait
  • 7f89196: [Ldap] fixed ldap_set_option should be called with a valid link identifier
  • b9863d5: [HttpKernel] PostResponseEvent should extend the KernelEvent
  • 18913e1: [DependencyInjection] added autowiring support to dumpers
  • 3b67daa: [Routing] readded the ability to add a resource to the RouteCollectionBuilder
  • eab0f0a: added a micro kernel
  • 8416f7b: [Yaml] deprecated unquoted indicator characters
  • 9c3b910: [FrameworkBundle] added autowiring support for debug:container
  • 71d502a: [DependencyInjection] added support for autowiring parent/decorators
  • faefc60: [DependencyInjection] excluded abstract autowing definitons

Master changelog:

  • 69af9ea: [Console] added progress indicator helper
  • 52c50e3: removed abstract class and use Interface+Trait
  • 24ff770: [TwigBundle] used ContainerAwareTrait in commands
  • 834218e: [Console] added end of options (--) signal support

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 28ff003: fixed some routing deprecation notices

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