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A week of symfony #474 (25-31 January 2016)

This week, Symfony's development activity increased significantly, with more than 60 pull requests merged and 90 issues closed. Countless fixes and tweaks were added across all components, including: added the new HTTP 451 status code, fixed template location for PHP templates, added HTTP status code in the Ajax panel of the debug toolbar, added a data: URI normalizer in Serializer and used PHP 5.5 generators in the Cache component.

Symfony development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • d44add2: [FrameworkBundle] sort bundles in config:dump-reference command
  • cba206a: [Finder] check PHP version before applying a workaround for a PHP bug
  • f80e0eb: [Form] fixed constraints could be null if not set
  • 3dae825: [DomCrawler] allow to load big xml files with DomCrawler
  • 6578806: [Request] ignore invalid IP addresses sent by proxies
  • 11257ee: [ClassLoader] use symfony/polyfill-apcu
  • df8952f: [HttpFoundation] added 451 status code
  • 8059dc1: [HttpKernel] lookup the response even if the lock was released after two second wait
  • 3188e1b: [FrameworkBundle] added support for the trusted proxy
  • 2c45f46: [Finder] escape the delimiter in Glob::toRegex
  • c376cf3: fixed FileSystem tests on Windows
  • 7702189: [DependencyInjection] resolve aliases in factory services
  • d86a3a7: [DependencyInjection] enforce tags to have a name
  • f7f82fa: [Translation] added resources from fallback locale
  • 29750e5: [FrameworkBundle] fixed container cache key generation

2.7 changelog:

  • c738085: [FrameworkBundle] compute the kernel root hash only one time
  • 9c5a6f5: [Translation] avoid calling setBackup if the dumper is not FileDumper
  • 156cdb5: [TwigBridge] add missing unit tests (AppVariable)
  • 884368e: [FrameworkBundle] throw for missing container extensions
  • 36c7262: [WebProfilerBundle] allow absolute URLs to be displayed in the debug toolbar
  • 4003532: [FrameworkBundle] fixed template location for PHP templates
  • 0a3b877: [Serializer] ensure that groups are strings
  • 37655be: [FrameworkBundle] increased the inlining YAML level for config:debug
  • 8967076: [Form] ArrayChoiceList can now deal with a null in choices

2.8 changelog:

  • c5ae309: [Translation] fixed undefined resultMessage in update command
  • 517a9a2: [SecurityBundle] fixed HTTP Digest auth not being passed user checker

3.0 changelog:

  • d0de425: [FrameworkBundle] enable assets when templates are enabled
  • 233e5b8: [EventDispatcher] TraceableEventDispatcher resets listener priorities

Master changelog:

  • 36c2961: [Validator] allow access to payload in callback validator
  • 1d05157: added support links to exception and toolbar
  • 6a1080f: [HttpKernel] added a setter for the headers property in the HttpException
  • 0d3bde8: [Cache] allow and use generators in AbstractAdapter
  • a16b1a0: [Console] added truncate method to FormatterHelper
  • 9cf1ce9: added {{ value }} message placeholder to UniqueEntityValidator
  • cc7b5af: [Serializer] added a data: URI normalizer
  • 367e784: [Cache] use generator in ArrayAdapter
  • d21fab0: [Cache] handle and log errors properly
  • a44bead: [Serializer] added a MaxDepth option
  • 1f0ba00: [Validator] added a PSR-6 adapter
  • 52d116b: [Asset] added version as service
  • aa60d5b: [Validator] minor fixes for the PSR-6 adapter
  • 86c20df: [PropertyInfo] added Cache support
  • 4bf9d05: [Serializer] added PSR-6 adapter
  • 9192e1b: [WebProfilerBundle] added HTTP return code in the Ajax request list table
  • f8cd9e8: [Console] show code when an exception is thrown

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 7dc9fb2: use strict comparison for charset
  • 62e8ee3: fixed the defined test when used on a constant, a map, or a sequence
  • cdd57f3: added support for the ?? operator
  • 212730a: marked some Twig_Environment methods as being internal

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