A week of symfony #555 (14-20 August 2017)

This week, Symfony fixed some issues related to environment variables. In addition, it added support for using the "controller" keyword to quickly configure the controllers of routes. Lastly, it introduced a RebootableInterface for the application kernel, fixing some issues related to the cache clear.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 993546b: [DomCrawler] fix testHtml method with regexp
  • f1c65c0: [Inlt] fixed JsonBundleReader exceptions
  • d22d924: [Console] initialize lazily to render exceptions properly

3.3 changelog:

  • be7751a: [VarDumper] play nice with open_basedir when looking for composer.json
  • a014222: [DependencyInjection] fixed reading env vars from fastcgi params
  • 1732cc8: [DependencyInjection] fixed merging of env vars in configs

3.4 changelog:

  • ff62871: [HttpKernel] remove old container files
  • 8c4a1e7: [Routing] added support for 'controller' keyword for configuring routes controllers
  • 9306fec: [DependencyInjection] rererence parameter arrays when possible
  • 19e6f0c: [HttpKernel, FrameworkBundle] added RebootableInterface, fixed and un-deprecated cache:clear with warmup
  • 50fe6a3: [DependencyInjection] allowed getting available services from service locator

Newest issues and pull requests

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