A Week of Symfony #615 (8-14 October 2018)

This week development activity increased in preparation for the upcoming release of Symfony 4.2. We simplified form extensions to no longer require any configuration, improved the Finder component to allow reversing the previous sorting and added new features to the profiler to display logs context and allow to filter logs by level.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 80 pull requests were merged (57 in code and 23 in docs) and 89 issues were closed (68 in code and 21 in docs). Excluding merges, 45 authors made 5,430 additions and 4,171 deletions. See details for code and docs.

2.8 changelog:

  • 270f496: [Form] fixed multi-digit seconds fraction handling
  • 9fdc64b: [Process] fixed locking of pipe files on Windows
  • bad4867: [Console] fixed multiselect choice question defaults in non-interactive mode

3.4 changelog:

  • 2f0e5d7: [Security] do not deauthenticate user when the first refreshed user has changed
  • f9aac64: [FrameworkBundle] added missing cache prefix seed attribute to XSD
  • 60f6e91: [SecurityBundle] do not override custom access decision configs
  • f89ef42: [FrameworkBundle] setting missing default paths under BC layer

Master changelog:

  • d482f0a: [WebProfilerBundle] extracted server parameters into their own tab
  • c10d2c0: [WebServerBundle] added ability to display the current hostname address when binding to
  • 52b7239: [Form] simplified the form type extension registration
  • 51f39b9: [Cache] added CacheInterface::delete() + improve CacheTrait
  • 003499d: [OptionsResolver] passed Options argument to deprecation closure
  • dce8f08: [Asset] added different protocols to be allowed as asset base_url
  • 331a24e: [Security] added port in access_control
  • bc816da, d13141f: [Finder] added a way to inverse a previous sorting
  • ea0b807: [VarDumper] allowed to use a light theme out of the box
  • d3fac86: [OptionsResolver] added support for nesting options definition
  • 631d718: [Form] allowed additional http methods in form configuration
  • 722c816: [Validator] provided file basename for FileValidator constraint messages
  • 61d336b: [WebProfilerBundle] displayed the log context in the debug pages
  • 6de1577: [WebProfilerBundle] filter logs by level
  • 620094a: [Cache] added support for connecting to Redis clusters via DSN
  • 4a4fda5: [Process] addde "wait until callback" to process class
  • 9bec1fc: [Validator] deprecated checkMX and checkHost on Email validator

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