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A Week of Symfony #680 (6-12 January 2020)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony development activity went back to normal after the holiday season. The upcoming Symfony 5.1 version merged lots of new features, including a form theme for Foundation 6, an easier way to create single command console apps, a new way to configure router's request context, a new binary to lint YAML files, a hostname validator and support for the safe HTTP preference.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 67 pull requests were merged (60 in code and 7 in docs) and 47 issues were closed (40 in code and 7 in docs). Excluding merges, 37 authors made 2,032 additions and 395 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 7fa87b4: [FrameworkBundle]do not output positive feedback on stderr in TranslationUpdateCommand
  • aaf6915: [TwigBridge]button_widget now has its title attr translated even if its label = null or false
  • 2f38a5a: [Debug]fixed ClassNotFoundFatalErrorHandler
  • fd19bd7: [Security]prevent canceled remember-me cookie from being accepted
  • a4a1f12: [Dotenv]fixed infinite loop with missing quote followed by quoted value
  • c3c8e2c: [PHPUnitBridge]fail-fast in simple-phpunit if one of the passthru() commands fails
  • 347f7cf: [WebProfilerBundle]added more tests
  • d1e31a4: [DependencyInjection]deferred exceptions in ResolveParameterPlaceHoldersPass
  • a0b976f: [FrameworkBundle]avoid stale-if-error in HttpCache if kernel.debug = true
  • 764c91b: [HttpKernel]fix that no-cache MUST revalidate with the origin

4.3 changelog:

  • ccfc4b6: [HttpClient]NativeHttpClient should not send >1.1 protocol version
  • 6fb2d52: [DependencyInjection]DecoratorServicePass should keep container.service_locator on the decorated definition
  • f9b36c7: [HttpClient]don't read from the network faster than the CPU can deal with
  • 47a866b: [Messenger]added check if json_encode succeeded
  • 9b11c36: [Routing]fixed using a custom matcher & generator dumper class

4.4 changelog:

  • b9a0b33: [WebProfilerBundle]fixed closing tag in mailer collector template
  • ada4c56: [Cache]fixed processing chain adapter based cache pool
  • 9e7a410: [HttpClient]fixed exception in case of PSR17 discovery failure
  • 290ce00: [HttpKernel]release lock explicitly
  • b9cc0c8: [TwigBridge]do not render preferred choices as selected
  • 9589dee: [Serializer]fixed cache in MetadataAwareNameConverter
  • d68a4b0: [SecurityBundle]fixed collecting traceable listeners info on lazy firewalls
  • 8e0f0cc: [FrameworkBundle]make sure one can use fragments.hinclude_default_template:

5.0 changelog:

  • ad7d241: [Notifier]added more specific types at documentation level when php engine can't
  • 3b3cbb9: [String]added test case for wordwrap method

Master changelog:

  • c29b2a1: [Form]derive the view timezone from the model timezone
  • 20bf17f: [Messenger]log sender alias in SendMessageMiddleware
  • 1443b43: [Console]add SingleCommandApplication to ease creation of Single Command Application
  • cc64b02: [FrameworkBundle]configure RequestContext through router config
  • c146de1: [Form]added a Twig theme for Foundation 6
  • ebf3885: [HttpFoundation]added support for safe HTTP preference defined in RFC 8674
  • 9edb161: [HttpClient]add LoggerAwareInterface to ScopingHttpClient and TraceableHttpClient
  • f9949e3: [FrameworkBundle]added better output to secrets:decrypt-to-local command
  • d099bc3: [HttpKernel]simplify UriSigner usage
  • 7dae1ca: [Validator]added HostnameValidator
  • 697bc22: [FrameworkBundle]make sure the UriSigner can be autowired
  • 74feb17: [Messenger]remove several messages with command messenger:failed:remove
  • 22bebd8: [FrameworkBundle]TemplateController should accept extra arguments to be sent to the template
  • 584b29d: [Yaml]added yaml-lint binary
  • fa358e6: [FrameworkBundle]deprecated not setting the "framework.router.utf8" option

Symfony Local Server

Symfony Local Server, the best way to run Symfony applications on your local machine, released its new 4.12.0, 4.12.1, 4.12.2 and 4.12.3 versions with the following changes:

  • Add 'Symfony 5: The Fast Track' commands (book:checkout and symfony new --book)
  • Add a --yes/-y flag to self:update to bypass upgrade confirmation
  • Add clickable links in the HTTP server logs
  • Remove the passphrase from default.p12 (allows to run yarn encore dev-server --https --pfx=~/.symfony/certs/default.p12)
  • Fix tunnel:open breaks terminal if Ctrl+C is sent during application selection
  • Improve billing error messages when a project is canceled
  • Add a title to HTML error pages
  • Fix watching for tunnels status and proxy configuration files fails on Windows
  • Fix panic when deploying and creating project at the same time
  • Add support for public dir auto-discovery when configured in composer.json (extra.symfony.public-dir)
  • Add support for defining the language used to determine env vars via APP_LANGUAGE
  • Fix panic when starting the web server
  • Fix creating and updating subscriptions
  • Allow dev as an alias for development plan

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