A week of symfony #89 (8->14 september 2008)

This week, the second edition of the symfony camp was held, with more than 80 attendees. In the technical talks, the great new features of symfony 1.2 were shown and the future of symfony 2 was outlined. Besides, the Symfony community showed this week its strength with a massive support for symfony inclusion in NetBeans.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r11375, r11376: [1.1, 1.2] fix clear-cache bug in which cli environment is hardcoded
  • r11377: [1.0] added links to php bugs that implied a hack for symfony 1.0 to work with php 5.2.6
  • r11404: [1.2] added upgrade task + instructions for propel 1.3 + updated changelog
  • r11405: [1.2] updated configure:database task for pdo syntax
  • r11427: [1.2] changed the way symfony add the URL prefix in routing to allow routes to generates their own absolute URLs
  • r11430: [1.2] added a isRequestMethod($method) method in sfTestBrowserBase class to test the request HTTP method
  • r11432, r11433: [1.1, 1.2] fixed clear-cache task
  • r11436: [1.2] added a way in sfFormPropel to pre-process the cleaned up values before they are used by Propel to update the object
  • r11439: [1.2] removed code that deals with PHP < 5.2
  • r11442: [1.2] fixed last request threw an exception feature
  • r11443: [1.2] fixed sfFormPropel::processValues() method
  • r11444: [1.2] simplified file upload management a lot
  • r11446: [1.1, 1.2] fixed sfWidgetFormDate displays empty values for negative timestamps
  • r11452: [1.2] added support for PUT and DELETE to the browser class
  • r11466: [1.2] fixed sfBrowser so that it catches exceptions thrown very early in the bootstrapping
  • r11467: [1.2] changed routing initialization to be able to deal with exceptions thrown when parsing a route
  • r11471: [1.2] added a lot of REST goodness to symfony 1.2 (live from symfony camp)
  • r11472: [1.2] proposal for splitting javascript helper into Base and Prototype helper variant
  • r11476: [1.1, 1.2] fixed sfValidatorNumber for float numbers
  • r11477: [1.2] removed the ob_gzhandler usage in the exception classes
  • r11481: [1.0] tweaked generator config handler
  • r11482, r11483: [1.2] added param to specify a custom view_class for partials called partial_view_class
  • r11497: [1.2] changed the position for the sfBrowser::click() to start at 1, not 0
  • r11499: [1.2] added sfViewCacheManager in factories.yml
  • r11502: [1.2] added an additional argument to the sf_cache_namespace_callable callable
  • r11505: [1.2] added symfony help message before tasks when calling symfony without any option
  • r11510: [1.2] split Javascript Helper into JavascriptBaseHelper.php and JavascriptHelper.php
  • r11525: [1.2] added model_methods option to sfObjectRouteCollection to be able to change the methods used to retrieve data from the model
  • r11526: [1.2] added sfWidgetFormInputFileEditable
  • r11533: [1.2] fixed sfWidgetFormSelect to behave as sfWidgetForm for attributes
  • r11535: [1.1, 1.2] fixed sfWidgetFormSelectRadio when you pass a name that already has [] at the end
  • r11539: [1.2] added a new choice widget family
  • r11542: [1.2] added a renderer_class option to sfWidgetFormChoice
  • r11548: [1.2] image_tag helper will no longer guess alt attribute unless sf_compat_10 is on
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 182 changesets, 34 defects created, 53 defects closed, 9 enhancements created, 10 enhancements closed, 4 documentation defects created, 1 documentation defect closed and 29 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
    • sfSmartyPlugin: allows the Smarty template engine (www.smarty.net) to be used for templates in Symfony
    • sfDB4toPropelPlugin: adds to symfony a new task (propel:db4-to-propel) that allows you to convert a DB4 schema (a DBDesigner 4 schema) into a valid propel schema.yml file
    • lbSaasPlugin: extends the sfGuardPlugin with Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities
    • sfExceptionFormatsPlugin: renders exception and error 500 pages in appropriate request format
    • sfMySQLToolsPlugin: provides many useful tasks that MySQL cannot do through PHP such as insert triggers, events and procedures.
  • Updated plugins
    • sfPropelPlugin:
      • [1.3]: merged fix for embedded i18n forms
      • [behavior]: merged changes up to r11364 from trunk
      • [migration]: merged changes up to r11364 from trunk, moved exceptions from migration manager to schema, rearranged transactions so each migration is atomic instead of the entire migrate operation, fixed namespace bugs in manager, moved default namespace constant to manager
      • [trunk]: simplified file upload management a lot, added some missing tests from the CRUD task, added a lot of REST goodness, moved all files from sfPropelPlugin/lib/propel to sfPropelPlugin/lib, fixed some paths, made Propel error messages more visible, added an explicit error message when a Propel task failed with errors, make file uploading in sfPropelForm more flexible by adding some new sub-methods, added native support for file deletion in sfFormPropel, moved clone() from sfWidgetFormPropelSelect to sfWidgetFormSelect, added a new choice widget family
    • DbFinderPlugin: fixed problem with delete() on tables with a bigint primary key, fixed problem with sfPropelFinder::addJoin() not being passed to the Criteria object, fixed unit tests on certain DB Engines
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: added generator.param.datastore.baseparams config option so you can add baseparams to a datastore when needed, added _text action to getAjaxButtonToToolbarAction() method, resolved an issue with sorting breaking local combobox filters, added filter listeners for textfields and checkboxes, switched local and foreign columns with a combo to use jsonCombo to get their store, added fields.column.params.filter_field: textfield option to enable making foreign columns use a textfield instead of a combo
    • sfFormtasticPlugin: moved registration of config handler back into yaml, added ->toJson() method to error schema class, whitespace coding standard fixes
    • ysfDimensionsPlugin: fixed potential cache conflict
    • sfThumbnailPlugin: update to version 1.1
    • sfDynamicCMSPlugin: created 1.1 branch, some changes for future release (permissions, action behavior, bugs)
    • sfGuardPlugin: [1.2] updated for Propel 1.3
    • sfDoctrinePlugin: ported sfPropelCrud templates to sfDoctrineCrud, fixed doctrine's generate-crud cannot find actionsTest.php, updating externals to Doctrine 1.0 branch, fixed sfValidatorDoctrineUnique doesn't work for single fields, fixed error in DoctrineAdminColumn class, added specific filters for enum and clob column types in Doctrine admin generator, fixed endless recursion with Composite identifiers, fixed missing $taintedFiles in bindAndSave for sfDoctrinePlugin, fixed doctrine:build-forms incorrect path, fixed doctrine does not handle transparently i18n field, fixed setting use_dql_callbacks is ignored
    • sfSearchPlugin: repository update and fixed all unit tests
    • sfDoctrineTreePlugin: fixed an issue where the noDrag option had to be passed as a string, change to retrieve all fields in the tree instead of just the name and identifier fields
    • sfDoctrineGuardPlugin: fixed PluginsfGuardUser::getProfile() for sfDoctrineGuardPlugin is still written for propel, changed rawSet() to _set()
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: added sfWidgetFormSelectDoubleList, fixed package.xml

Some new symfony powered websites

  • DVD Planet: (russian) shop of dvd discs, about 13000 products in shop
  • SavedCite.com: (english, german) allows you to save a permanent screenshot to save internet-based citations on a long-term base
  • mobile-sessions.com: (german) XML-Backend for Sony Ericsson's Mobile-Sessions Community Platform (Flash AS3)
  • Vignerons de Caractère: (french) e-commerce & corporate webiste for a wine group
  • ReOpen911: (french) french 9/11 Truth Movement

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Additionnal notice about sfDynamicCMSPlugin:

This is not new release. Only trunk (svn) are concerned.

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