Book preview: read the Unit Tests chapter

There have been many questions about unit and functional tests in symfony lately. These two great features are new in symfony 1.0, and unfortunately they were not documented until now.

You know that we spent the last months writing a complete guide for symfony that will be released in bookshops on January 29th. We also mentioned the fact that the content of this book would become the official symfony online documentation and be published in HTML on the same date.

You're probably curious to see if what we wrote in this book is really helpful and practical. So we decided to offer you a sample of the book, in PDF format, and that's precisely Chapter 15 about units and functional tests.

To read the sample chapter, call the secret phone number hidden on a page of the internet that you will find by googling GURSIKSO, and say the secret password, which is the name of the dog I had when I was a child. Or, if you are in a hurry, you can also click this link to download the chapter immediately.

If you like the preview, please consider ordering the whole book at amazon and mentioning it to your friends. We're very excited about the upcoming release, and our best hope is that the book helps you unleash the true power of the symfony framework.

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Very nice. Unit Tests are one area I know absolutely nothing about so it will be brush up without having to wait the 2 months Amazon UK are currently estimating for delivery :-)
I think I will read the book on line, but anyway I will buy it to support you guys for your fantastic work :)
I already ordered the book :)
Hey Francois,

Is there a table of contents available for the book yet, now that it is going to print?
Forgot to ask ... When will Apress be releasing the book in the UK? has Feb 2007, and I'm wondering whether it is worth the wait, or whether to order from
Tapiwa: we mentioned the Table of Contents on the "Happy New Year" post in this very blog, dated Jan 02.
Read the whole chapter! Impressive!
A lof of new features are now revealed in the book.

BTW, I ordered it already
great, really great job !
I pre-ordered it.
I wish you a lot of sells !
I wish us some translations one day ^^
So, out of curiosity, why do we need to include the unit test bootstrap manually? It's a rather ugly bit of code to have to repeatedly pasted into our tests...
The chapter looks great, though I can't help but wish for some more information and practical examples specifically on creating unit tests for the model. Keep up the great work though!
don: The ugly bit of code is there to allow you to call the unit tests without the symfony test-unit command, with just the php command.
Typo alert: Page 326, the code at the end of the tip is missing a closing parenthesis. And you're missing a parenthesis for punctuation as well.

I'd also argue that the code in the tip box is sufficiently complicated that it would have been an improvement to present the code displayed rather than in-line.
Typo: "PhpUnit" should be "PHPUnit".
When will it be delivered to switzerland? It would be great to get it as soon as possible.
i tried to call the secret phone number hidden on a page of the internet that i found by googling GURSIKSO, and said the secret password (the name of the dog I had when I was a child)

but the guy denied to give me the right link!!
what was the name of your dog Francois?
already order it in beginning of december. I can't wait to read whole book :)
So tell me, how many of you tried ?

I did for sure! Like staying up the might before christmas to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus! :D

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