Call for Papers currently open for the upcoming Symfony conferences

Several conferences are organized at the second semester of 2018, mark your Symfony calendar now and join us there:

All Call for Papers are currently open! You can submit your talk ideas and enjoy the conference from the other side of the stage by becoming a Symfony speaker. Sharing your experience is the best way to help the community learn new tips and tricks, you probably have something to share so why won’t you be a speaker?

If you’ve never been a speaker before, we have a mentoring program for speakers! This program is aimed to help inexperienced and experienced speakers who want to speak at our conferences. Basically, if you have an idea but you don’t know yet how to create a talk with this idea, we can help you. Submit your talk proposal and mention in your talk comments that you’d like to integrate our mentoring program! If your talk proposal is selected on the schedule, our team will help you build your dream talk. Submit all the talk ideas you want to share with the Symfony community and we’ll work with you!

If you don't have ideas yet but still would like to speak, we might have some talk proposals for you. But if you're not ready or don't plan to speak yet but are dreaming to have a specific person or topic on the schedule, please send us your proposals. We’re here to help you!

Submit now your ideas at our Call for Papers:

See you very soon at a Symfony conference!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Thanks for the information.
Just small error in the article, the word 'unexperienced' needs to be changed to 'inexperienced'. Thank you.
@Anjana thanks for reporting that typo! It's fixed now.

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