Doctrine gains symfony citizenship in 1.2

Today, Doctrine gained its citizenship in symfony 1.2. The sfDoctrinePlugin was linked via externals and is now officially bundled with symfony. If you've been around for a while, you'll know that this was highly anticipated and is a long time coming. To celebrate, I'll give a short little tutorial on how you can get started using Doctrine in symfony. Read below if you're interested.

Getting Started

Update config/databases.yml

    class:          sfDoctrineDatabase
      dsn:          mysql://[email protected]/dbname

Create config/doctrine/user.yml

    username: string(255)
    password: string(255)

Create data/fixtures/user.yml

    username: jwage
    password: changeme

Create application

./symfony generate:app frontend

Build everything

./symfony doctrine:build-all-reload frontend

Inspect database with DQL Query

./symfony doctrine:dql frontend "FROM User u"
>> doctrine  executing: "FROM User u" ()
>> doctrine    id: '1'
>> doctrine    username: jwage
>> doctrine    password: changeme

Your data fixtures are loaded and your User model is ready to be used in your application. Couldn't be any easier!

What is to come?

  1. Official Documentation. symfony + Doctrine book.
  2. New features
  3. Doctrine training sessions by sensio

Thanks to everyone who adopted Doctrine early and stood by the project through thick and thin. Without your dedication this would not be possible today. So, a big thanks goes out to the community.

Help the Symfony project!

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Very good! I'm really looking forward to the 1.2 release.
Very good!
We look forward to Release 1.2
Great news! :-)
Welcome aboard Doctrine
It's a very good news for doctrine i discoverd doctrine with sfDoctrine 2 years ago, when it was maintened by chtito !

Really looking forward to start working with Doctrine!
Good luck with Doctrine :)
Excellent work! Also good to read the new book, it's what I needed. Keep up the good spirits!
Great news!, Was looking for such a big collaboration. Best of luck to Doctrine and symfony. keep it up.

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