Happy Birthday

It's been a year since we launched the symfony framework, so let's express a little self-congratulation and many thanks.

The website was launched on October 19th, 2005, and it has rapidly gained a tremendous success. The adoption rate of the framework has been incredible since the beginning, and went far beyond our hopes. Today, we read about symfony in the press and on the Internet every day, new websites using it launch in many countries. We read a lot of very positive reviews about the framework but, more important, we read or hear about successful projects using symfony, and these real use cases are a proof that the framework reaches its goals.

Symfony itself has changed quite a lot since its first launch. Today, it is simpler to install and use, it accelerates the application development even more than at the beginning, and its performance is more than twice better than the first release. The documentation is unique and covers a large portion of the framework features. Not to mention the numerous features added since 0.4 (configuration system, plugins, admin generator, slots, etc.). Symfony is reaching a 1.0 maturity, and we will soon release a stable version ready for your professional web applications, robust, tested, performant, and maintained for 3 years.

The symfony community is very large and increasing incredibly fast. The level of the contributions is very high (even higher if you compare it with communities of other frameworks), and we are surprised how smart symfony users are. The newcomers find help easily, the old timers are willing to share their wisdom, so you are never alone when you develop a symfony application. There are so many people who believe in the great potential of symfony and who are ready to help its spread that we are sometimes overwhelmed with requests.

To conclude, I'd like to thank all the symfony early adopters, the documentation and code contributors, the users of the forum, mailing-lists and wiki, the ones who chose symfony for their projects, and my mum.

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