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Jakub Zalas as the new lead for the DomCrawler Component

Jakub Zalas has been part of the Symfony Core Team since we announced it last year. He has been involved in the community since a very long time (his first contribution dates back from 2011). He is also one of the most active developers in the Symfony issues queue; he cleans it up on a regular basis to keep the amount of "real" issues manageable by everyone. His commitment to the project shows as he is in the top 10 Symfony contributors.

That's why I'm very happy to announce that Jakub is taking the lead on the DomCrawler component. It might seem like a small task as the size of the code is quite small compared to other components, but there are a number of tough challenges as the component is used by many third-party tools (with almost 5 million downloads on Packagist, and its usage by popular projects like Goutte, Behat, and many more). He successfully added namespace support for Symfony 2.4 after a lot of research, and he recently proposed a pull request to boost the performance of the component. I'm sure he will do great things in the future.

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Congratulations, Jakub!
Awesome news!
Jakub, congrats!
Congrats Jakub!

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