Jobeet - Day 14: The Lazy Day

This post was published as part of the symfony 2008 advent calendar. As this tutorial might have been updated since then, you are advised to read the last version from the symfony 1.2 documentation (for Propel or Doctrine).

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With the description of the symfony User class yesterday, we have now finished our tour of the fundamental features of symfony. You still need to learn a lot but you should already be able to create simple symfony projects all by yourself.

To celebrate this great milestone, we will have a break today. Or, more precisely, I will have a break today. No tutorial will be published, but I will give you some hints on what you can do today to improve your symfony skills.

Learning by Practicing

The symfony framework, as does any piece of software, has a learning curve. In the learning process, the first step is to learn from practical examples with tutorials or a book like this one. The second step is to practice. Nothing will ever replace practicing.

That's what you can start doing today. Think about the simplest web project that still provides some value: a todo list manager, a simple blog, a time or currency converter, whatever... Choose one and start implementing it with the knowledge you have today. Use the task help messages to learn the different options, browse the code generated by symfony, use a text editor that has PHP auto-completion support like Eclipse, read the online API when you need to find new methods, start asking questions on the user mailing-list, chat on the #symfony IRC channel on freenode.

Enjoy all the free material you have at your disposal to learn more about symfony.

See you Tomorrow

This tutorial is far from finished. In the coming days, we will talk about AJAX support, plugins, internationalization, caching, deployment, and much more.

Please join me tomorrow for a new week of Jobeet.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


This is a great tutorial, no doubt. About practicing, I have to take a look at the routing system again, it is wonderful...
I don't know where to write this. One more word about routing system:
Why sfPropelRouterCollection is undocumented? There is link to API docs in Jobeet tutorial, but page does not exists.
Sorry for my English
I like the whole, great tutorial and it is one good (if not the best) way to learn Symfony.
But in the last 2-3 days and especial on the Admin Generator Tutorial, I have real problems to get the results expected. Comparing the SVN version with my one, I can see there are many diffs that I can not directly find how to implement them in / from the tutorials...
It this a kind of exercise for us or have other people also noticed this?
@AnyP: I write the tutorials and Stefan follows them to create the SVN tags. So, if there are differences, it is because you or Stefan have missed something.
The SVN-Version works as expected, correct, but following exactly the tutorials with all code snippets I do not get the same result... Maybe I have missed something, I will try the whole tutorial from Day 7 or 10 again. Thank you.

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