Kickstarting the Symfony User Groups in Germany

If you attended one of the last symfony Day Cologne or Symfony Live Paris conferences you might have noticed that many Symfony users are from Germany. In fact Germany is among the top three countries of website visitors on But although we have a big userbase here in Germany we only had a few user groups that managed to survive on a regular basis. Like conferences, user groups are a great way to share your experience, discuss problems, ask questions or just have a beer with people that work with Symfony. Organizing or even just attending them is a big benefit for the whole Symfony community because knowledge and experience gets shared among the attendees. And who doesnít want to gain knowledge and experience on meetups with nice people and a few drinks?

Sensio Labs Deutschland started a user group in Cologne and held its first meetup on November 30th 2011. But after the user group was over we thought that Cologne is not enough. We started contacting German Symfony users who were interested in starting and hosting user groups in their own cities. The feedback has been amazing and together with the hosts we are proud to present you the dates of the upcoming user group meetups in Germany:

If you like Symfony goodies make sure to attend. Sensio Labs Deutschland sponsors a user group Starter Kit to every newly created user group which includes official T-Shirts, stickers and our brand new mobile cleaners!

And of course Germany is not only Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or Berlin. So if you are interested in starting a user group in your city we would love to help you get started. Just contact Freerich Baethge and he will get in touch with you about all the details.

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Link to Freerich's email is broken ;-)
see you in Hamburg! :)
I'll attend Munich. See you there!
The nearest usergroup is the one in cologne - 200 km away... i'm sorry :(
Most probably will join you in Berlin.

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