Larger compatibility

You may not have noticed it, but a major event occurred in the life of the symfony framework yesterday.

The magic_quotes_gpc PHP setting is no longer required to be set to off for symfony to work. It makes symfony easier to install and to run for the first time, and we hope it will leverage its adoption rate among PHP beginners. This modification is present in the trunk and in the latest alpha, and will be present in symfony 1.0 - the next stable release.

For this occasion, we repackaged the sandbox, and it is now available in two versions: stable (0.6.3) and alpha (0.9.2288). Beginners no longer have to endure the temporary bugs of non stable versions to try the first project tutorial.

And while we are talking about stability, you probably noticed that everyday sees a new delivery of unit tests on the framework. Fabien has already added 1200 unit and functional tests, and the more tests the framework has, the more stable it is.

Symfony is easier and easier to install, and more and more stable. No doubt, the future is bright.

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Im assuming that at least some of the 1200 tests are with the new testing framework?

What if the new testing framework is flawed?

The question then becomes: Can you test a testing framework with itself?

Its a great achievement that magic_quotes_gpc PHP setting is no longer required to be set to off for symfony to work. I hope we wont have much problem with shared host now. But i'll post my test result with some shared hosts soon.
Mark: Yes lime, the testing framework has its own test suite, written with phpt tests
Good News
Doesn't seem to work, still getting an error:
Configuration file "/u1/www/htdocs/apps/workflow/pfav/data/symfony/config/php.yml" specifies that php.ini "magic_quotes_gpc" key must be set to "". The current value is "1" (php.ini location: "/etc/php.ini"). [err0001]

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