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Latest supported version of the symfony 1.1 branch released today

As we announced one year ago, the support period of symfony 1.1 is reaching its end. Today, we release symfony 1.1.8 which will therefore be the latest supported version of the 1.1 branch, including these bugfixes:

  • added check in sfActions that prefents infinite recursion in the execute method when the action name is empty (fixes #6710)
  • fixed generateCacheKey does not coverts dots to underscorse in user given hostname (closes #6252)
  • fixed loading order of tasks (refs #5348
  • fixed format_currency returns Exponents (closes #5715)
  • fixed error message when an UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE occurs on an uploaded file (closes #6453)
  • fixed sfPager::getLinks() to always return integers (closes #6428)
  • fixed rare occassion when a widget schema is paired with a simple validator error rather than a validator error schema (see r17587
  • doSelectWithI18n no longer accidentally modifies the Criteria passed to it (fixes #6243)
  • enhanced cache loading performance, introducing a new sf_lazy_cache_key setting in settings.yml to ensure BC (see r16905 and r17217)
  • removed the web debug toolbar when the response status code is in the 3xx range (closes #6153)
  • Added proxies to sfOutputEscaperSafe so safe vars work as expected when accessed from an action (closes #6147)
  • fixed possible race-condition in sfConfigCache. (fixes #6132)
  • fixed sfPluginManager doesn't install dependencies recursively (closes #5998)
  • fixed form submissions when posted data exceeds post_max_size (closes #6081)
  • fixed command.filter_options doesn't filter anything (closes #6038)
  • fixed sfYaml::load wrong parsing with \r\n (closes #6053)
  • fixed sfForm::mergeForm() ignores reordered widgets (closes #5951)
  • fixed propel:schema-to-yml composite foreign-Keys wrongly converted (closes #5483)
  • fixed sf_culture being set automatically when testing, but not when using the site (closes #5852)
  • fixed sfForm problem when file upload widgets are embedded (closes #5252)
  • fixed sfValidatorPropelChoice(Many) overrides some Criteria (closes #5924)

As always, you can upgrade your existing projects using symfony 1.1 by running svn up if you use the SVN branch in the official repository, or by launching the pear upgrade command:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.8

If this release is the latest supported one regading maintenance and bugfixes, don't forget we'll still provide security fixes until June 2010 on this branch.

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I tried to upgrade to the 1.1.8 (from 1.1.7) version and now I have an error message when I run symfony cc command :

Fatal error: Class 'sfPropelBaseTask' not found in /home/usr/workspacePhp/lib/task/alerteEmailResultTask.class.php on line 3

Call Stack:
0.0002 64944 1. {main}() /usr/bin/symfony:0
0.0004 75720 2. include('/usr/share/php/symfony/command/cli.php') /usr/bin/symfony:37
0.0069 510272 3. sfCommandApplication->__construct() /usr/share/php/symfony/command/cli.php:19
0.0070 511028 4. sfSymfonyCommandApplication->configure() /usr/share/php/symfony/command/sfCommandApplication.class.php:50
0.0085 623352 5. sfSymfonyCommandApplication->loadTasks() /usr/share/php/symfony/command/sfSymfonyCommandApplication.class.php:46
0.0397 877020 6. require_once('/home/usr/workspacePhp/lib/task/alerteEmailResultTask.class.php') /usr/share/php/symfony/command/sfSymfonyCommandApplication.class.php:109
I've got the same probleme with sfDoctrineBaseTask. was changed (here are the changes: There is a file sorting before require_once (line 106, 109) and i think this is the problem...

Your task (begins with "a") will be the first file and sfPropelBaseTask (which is maybe in the project plugins dir) will be read only later.

i hope symfony developers will fix it asap
We're aware of this problem introduced in this latest release, and we have a patch: there will be a 1.1.9 release asap.
Thibault, gegepola> Can you dude please apply the patch provided by and give me some feedback on how it goes?

If it's okay, I release the 1.1.9 immediately.

I've just updated from SVN, looks like the patch was already applied, but i'm still get the error reporting the missing class 'sfPropelBaseTask':

PHP Fatal error: Class 'sfPropelBaseTask' not found in /home/titomiguelcosta/symfony/projects/tradicampo/plugins/sfGuardPlugin/lib/task/sfGuardCreateAdminTask.class.php on line 19
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /home/titomiguelcosta/symfony/projects/tradicampo/symfony:0
PHP 2. include() /home/titomiguelcosta/symfony/projects/tradicampo/symfony:15
PHP 3. sfCommandApplication->__construct() /usr/share/pear/symfony/1.1/lib/command/cli.php:19
PHP 4. sfSymfonyCommandApplication->configure() /usr/share/pear/symfony/1.1/lib/command/sfCommandApplication.class.php:50
PHP 5. sfSymfonyCommandApplication->loadTasks() /usr/share/pear/symfony/1.1/lib/command/sfSymfonyCommandApplication.class.php:46
PHP 6. require_once() /usr/share/pear/symfony/1.1/lib/command/sfSymfonyCommandApplication.class.php:112
@Tito: I have the same problem and opened a bug for it here:
NiKo > the patch isn't working... the problem is not the class overriding (it seems so in the patch), i think the problem is the file sorting before foreach

there is a task:
class MyTask extends sfDoctrineBaseTask {}

and because of sorting at line 106
$finder = sfFinder::type('file')->sort_by_name()->name('*Task.class.php');
MyTask.class.php will be read earlier than sfDoctrineBaseTask.class.php

if i remove "->sort_by_name()", cc works
A new patch has just been commited in, please test it and provide some feedback please.
Sorry guys, yet another patch to test, hope it will be the last ;)
ok, it works :) thank you Niko
@NiKo: now it works. thanks.

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