"State of Symfony 2" Conference Hubs

You might already know about the "State of Symfony 2" online conference that will take place on June 22nd and 23rd. To make this an even more vibrant experience, we came up with the concept of conference hubs.

The idea is pretty simple: Instead of watching the conference home alone, you could just organize or join one of the conference hub near your home. A hub is nothing but a physical place that will add the social aspect to an already super interesting conference. A place to watch the conference together and talk about the presentations. And who knows, maybe we'll even have small hack sessions all over the hubs, playing with the new Preview Release after the presentations.

Now, here is how you need to proceed in order to help our community by hosting one of these hubs:

  • Get 5 tickets to the conference
  • Announce the hub on your company blog
  • Leave a comment here
  • Set up a projector, get a somewhat decent sound system

That's it. You're in! By running a conference hub you become a central player in animating and developing our fantastic community. We already talked to the people from Liip, who will host a hub in Zürich, Switzerland. If you just want to join an existing hub, come back in a couple of days and check the comments of this post. You should find one close by.

Thanks to the Liip team (Lukas Kahwe Smith and Pierre Spring) for the idea and for writing this post.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Anyone from the Oslo (Norway) area is welcome to join us at the Redpill Linpro offices http://www.redpill-linpro.com/

Drop me a line if you want to come along as we will order food and arrange a decent sized meeting room accordingly.
I'm russ @ the above domain by the way... or eatmymonkeydust.com

(forgot that email address not published... oops)
Why the need to get 5 tickets before hosting a hub? In an area full of freelancers, one person buying more than one ticket is... tricky.
In Lausanne, Switzerland. We welcome you at Antistatique.net office. Check our blog for more informations (in french) http://www.antistatique.net/blog/2010/06/09/conference_symfony_2/

In addition to the conference, we'll provide you some good local drinks.
See ya
@Peter im pretty sure the need to buy 5 ticket is to help cover for the conference costs. Event though its online it still costs some money to set it all up and plan it all.
Great Idea! What exactly is the difference between the "hub" and the normal participation?
@Klemens, @peter

You will still use the same connection as everybody else, whether you are a few guys sharing one computer screen (aka a hub) or just one guy using his/her own.

The only difference is the sense of community by getting together, and the potential to save some money if you can muster more than 5 people to come along.

If you are only 3 people, and still want to be a "hub" - just buy 3 tickets and sit together anyway :o)
Anyone in Vancouver interested? if a couple of people want to get together, I'll organise the rest
Hacker Dojo (http://www.hackerdojo.com) would make an excellent location for a hub in Silicon Valley. While I'm not a currently a Symfony 2 user, I am interested in the state of it and would be happy to host the conference on June 23.


Seattle/Bellingham/Vancouver BC:

We welcome you to the brand new Cranberry Venture Partners office in Ferndale, WA where we will be hosting a conference hub for the June 23rd session.

Check our blog for more information at: http://blog.cranberry.com

Anyone is welcome to join us and we look forward to networking with fellow Symfony users or potential users looking for more information or community assistance.

In addition to the conference we will be providing beverages, our address and contact information is below.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Cranberry Venture Partners
6220 Portal Way
Ferndale, WA 98248

Contact: Nate Michael / 408-372-6283

I'll be surfing in France the 23th. Any hub in Hossegor I could attend?
MyBuilder.com is hosting a State of Symfony 2 Hub in London.

Our office is in Clerkenwell, about 5 mins walk from Farringdon station.

Sign up: http://www.meetup.com/Symfony-Hub-London/
Here some infos for the Liip Zurich hub:
We'll be a Syfmony Conference Hub in Philadelphia! We purchased our fifth ticket today and should be ready to roll. You can read the blog post here:

CentreSource (www.centresource.com) will be hosting a hub In Nashville, TN on June 23rd! Email Brent Shaffer at bshaffer @ our domain for more details!
Anybody in Tokyo / Japan?
@Russ - gotcha, I was figuring everyone watching at a hub would have bought their own tickets anyway, so why an extra 5 was needed I couldn't figure :)
I'm looking for a hub in Paris for the 23rd June, already purchased my ticket :)
Someone from Koblenz?
H-art will host a conference hub for "State of Symfony 2" online event, to watch the conference together and talk about the presentations (http://www.symfony-live.com/schedule)
You are invited to watch the live session in comfort of our offices, located in Ca' Tron estate, between Treviso and Venice province (Via Sile 41, 31056 Ca' Tron - Roncade - TV)
Map: http://bit.ly/c3uc4Q
Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy us watching the conference, we look forward to seeing you.
To confirm your participation go to: http://hartsymfonyhub.eventbrite.com/
I've booked a meeting room at HiB Mediesenteret in Bergen, Norway. No official HUB, as we won't reach five people. But if you're nearby, by all means join:

Hi everyone, any hubs in Madrid or anywhere in Spain?
Russia/Moscow conference hub
I'll be hosting a hub for tomorrow morning's western hemisphere conference in Portland, Oregon at the offices of theGOOD http://bit.ly/dtIbZj
Great symphony, I've listened to it today and I recommend it to you!
I think I'm gonna write a essay about it.

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