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Stefan Koopmanschap is your new symfony Community Manager

I'm happy to announce Stefan Koopmanschap (www, twitter) is taking over as your symfony Community Manager. Stefan has been an active member of the symfony community as far back as I can remember, and has a lot to offer in this role.

This role is still less than a year old so Stefan has a lot of leeway to define it. Please comment below or contact him directly at stefan [dot] koopmanschap [at] symfony-project [dot] com if you would like to chime in. If you're organizing any symfony community events in your area, Stefan would also like to hear about that.

Please join all of us in welcoming Stefan to the team!

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I am very excited to be taking on this role, please do contact me with anything you feel might be of importance.
First of all thanks Kris for all the work you have done during the last year!

But also congratulations to Stefan. I'm sure you will be the right follower for this job.
Seconding den!derello - Kudos to both Kris and Stefan
Thanks Kris for all your hard work and devotion and welcome to Stefan and congratulations on taking this on in addition to your new job.
Welcome skoop! :-)
Good news !

I think symfony website needs an events page ;)
Good stuff, look forward to hearing your ideas, and sharing some.
Since a few people have asked me, I am NOT leaving symfony. On the contrary, I've taken on the Release Manager role for symfony 1.4 so I'll be around for at least another three years.
Congratulations, Stefan!
You rock man - very excited to have you in this role!
congrats man !
Congrats Stefan! You'll do a great job no doubt :)
Welcome, Stefan!

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