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symfony 0.6.3RC1 release

The new beta release 0.7.1500 achieves the 0.6.3 milestone since all the bugs that were affected to this milestone have been fixed.

If you want to see the differences with the 0.6.2 (bug fixes, enhancements and doc additions), read the changelog or the custom report showing all the 117 tickets closed in this release.

If no regression or important bug is discovered in this release, it will become the 0.6.3 and be tagged as stable within a day or two. This means that the 0.7.1500 can be considered as a 0.6.3RC1, and we recommend that all symfony developers upgrade and test this release.

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-beta

Note that this release contains a modification which may break backward compatibility in some cases: The action method names are now case sensitive. This means that when a user makes a request for an action called listUsers, symfony looks for a method called executeListUsers in the actions file and return 404 if no such method exist. This change was necessary to close a security breach (see ticket #466). We recommend that you launch an automated test on all existing hyperlinks in your symfony applications, and that you keep an eye on the 404 reports in your server logs after the upgrade.

Help the Symfony project!

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Trying it out as we speak, nice work guys
Hi, i have problem for some days now with symfony. When i try to init a new project, i recieve a warning + fatal error from pake! it say's failed to open stream and that it can't include the pakeException class-file. what's the problem? I did not alter something on my system configuration, but after i updated symfony pake cannot find it files ...
I bump to the same problem, too.
after some hard search i found a solution with the pake problem. i have had to much path's in my php.ini's include_path. i altered it to ".;/path/to/pear" and everything worked out as usual. befere this i had ".;/path/to/pear;/path/to/apps;/path/to/vhosts".

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