symfony 1.0.6 released

I've just released symfony 1.0.6. Nothing special in this release, just bug fixes as usual:

  • r4752: fixed sfZendPlugin is broken (#1941)
  • r4729: removed E_STRICT when using the plugin tasks
  • r4642: fixed sfWebRequest isSecure() bug for certain server configurations (#1931)
  • r4641: fixed sfWebDebug top css class name (#1982)
  • r4621: fixed untranslated message in _list_messages.php partial (#1969)
  • r4574: fixed typo in sfTestBrowser::getAndCheck()
  • r4559: fixed status code 404 may be transformed into 304 when using ETag (#1944)
  • r4404: fixed sfTestBrowser::isResponseHeader() method (#1900)

As for every 1.0.X release, after upgrading to 1.0.6, don't forget to clear the cache of your projects.

It's now even easier for Debian/Ubuntu users to upgrade. Just use the symfony Debian repository. Please read for more information.

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Congrats! Just a nitpick: Javier Eguiluz has a good habit of linking to the relevant fix in the news:

[]r4752: fixed sfZendPlugin is broken (#1941)
I am renewing my comment to 1.0.4:
"I was wondering, when can we expect to have Prototype 1.5.1 bundled with symfony? I need JSON support.
Thanks and keep up the great work!"
@Yeti: symfony already has JSON support and it works fine with the bundled prototype library. I use it in multiple projects without problems. Do note that php functions json_encode & _decode require at least php 5.2.x
Bert-Jan: PHP < 5.2 can use the JSON functions if the php_json extension is enabled in php.ini.
One more nit-pick:

The deb package reports 1.0.6 when installed and checked by using "dpkg -L 'php5-symfony'"

However, "symfony -V" reports 1.0.7-PRE, as this is what is in /usr/share/php5/symfony/lib/VERSION.

Otherwise, thanks bunches for the additional packaging options and congrats on releasing 1.0.6.
@Yeti: You won't have Prototype 1.5.1 in symfony 1.0. The 1.0 branch is only for bug fixes, no new feature. That said, you can use Prototype 1.5.1 with symfony 1.0 without any problem. Just install the files somewhere and change the prototype_web_dir in settings.yml.
great work, symfony is progressing really nicely.

I find the increased development speed truly amazing.
I just installed symfony via the new debian repository of symfony.. But installing the sfGuardPlugin doesn't work with...
$> symfony plugin-install
>> plugin installing plugin ""
>> pear downloading sfGuardPlugin-1.1.10.tgz ...
>> pear Starting to download sfGuardPlugin-1.1.10.tgz (14,124 bytes)
>> pear ..
>> pear ...done: 14,124 bytes
>> pear Failed to download symfony/symfony (version >= 1.0.0, version
>> pear <= 1.1.0, excluded versions: 1.1.0), latest release is version
>> pear 1.0.6, stability "stable", use
>> pear "channel://" to install
>> pear Skipping package "symfony/sfGuardPlugin", already installed as
>> pear version 1.1.10
>> pear No valid packages found

anybody got an idea?

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