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symfony 1.1.2 released

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of symfony 1.1.2. A lot of bugs have been fixed in this new release, especially in the forms framework and in command-line tasks. You can of course see the whole revision log for this release, but here's a short summary of what has been done since the last one (important fixes are in bold):


  • The symfony 1.1.1 broken cache-clear task has been fixed, and updated to work as expected in a multi-application project
  • The command line interface was broken on Microsoft® Windowsâ„¢ when using arguments. This has been fixed
  • A bug with autoloading and nested tasks has been fixed
  • The propel:data-load task behaved incorrectly with composite primary key: now it does (more info)
  • The three events available in sfBaseTask (command.filter_options, command.pre_command, and command.post_command) are now usable in your own tasks


  • The sfValidatorChoice and sfValidatorChoiceMany validators now correctly handle a value if it's part of the available choices
  • The sfForm::mergeForm() method now also merges widget schema labels (more info)
  • In sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox, it's now possible to set the value attribute of a checkbox using the new value_attribute_value option available
  • The sfValidatorPropelChoice and sfValidatorPropelChoiceMany are now able to use the same Criteria definition to restrict choices without them being altered in certain circumstances
  • The sfApplicationConfiguration class now automatically set the charset used by every widget to the one defined in the settings.yml configuration file
  • Now the sfValidatorTime validators accepts the 00:00:00 time value
  • The sfWidgetFormSelectRadio is now able to deal with names already ending with an empty square brackets set ([])
  • The sfValidatorNumber float precision handling has been increased
  • The sfWidgetFormDate can now validate pre-1970 dates (more info)
  • The sfValidatorSchemaFilter now throws an error bound to the filtered field


  • sfBrowser::setField() can now deal with an array of fields containing a 0 index (more info)
  • sfDomCssSelector is now able to target attribute names containing one or more "-" (dash) characters
  • sfBrowser::restart() now resets the session correctly
  • sfBrowser now sends checked checkboxes with their value attributes as expected


  • sfYaml now handles long numeric values correctly (more info)
  • Exceptions thrown by sfYaml now reference the correct line number


  • The default propel.ini file of the sandbox has been fixed. The sandbox is now fully working again without any tweak
  • The mysqli Creole driver is now handling the 0000-00-00 date correctly
  • The autoloading of model classes now correctly handles ordering
  • Propel tasks are no more broken when Phing is installed as an independent PEAR package

You're strongly invited to upgrade your symfony 1.1 based projects to this new version.

If you're using a PEAR based installation, just run in a command prompt:

$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.1.2

If you're using SVN, update your externals to the RELEASE_1_1_2 tag.

The symfony 1.1 sandbox has also been upgraded to use this new version.

Help the Symfony project!

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Excellent, glad to see that the old sqlite reference in the sandbox has been fixed. I will remove the note from My First Tutorial 1.1 in due course.

Thanks Nicolas.
Nice Job!
Great release. This takes cares a lot of the issues I've been having. :)
Nice job guys!
Just want to say thank you and hats up for your constant improvements! In the last weeks I dipped into the new symfony form, and I must say I'm amazed. It took me some time to understand how everything works, but now I got it and I'm very happy with the power of the new symfony forms! Keep up the good work!
Great Job! Forms are working better...
i18n don`t working before update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 (namely $this->widgetSchema->getFormFormatter()->setTranslationCatalogue)

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