symfony 1.3.4 and 1.4.4

The symfony team is happy to announce the immediate availability of symfony 1.3.4 and 1.4.4. These two maintenance releases address a number of bugs and are recommended updates for all symfony users.

The Highlights

Here are some of the more significant updates:

  • Doctrine 1.2.2: These releases include the latest release from the Doctrine 1.2 branch.
  • 304 Not Modified: An issue preventing symfony from sending 304 responses has been addressed.
  • form_tag(): This helper function was moved from the Form to the Url helper in the 1.3 branch for parity with 1.4.
  • Doctrine migration diffs: An autoloading issue with the doctrine:generate-migration-diff task has been addressed.
  • Shutting down Doctrine: Doctrine database connections are now properly closed during shutdown.
  • Merging short-syntax schemas: Doctrine schemas that use any of the abbreviated syntaxes available are now compatible with the configuration cascade.
  • Filtering on empty: The Doctrine form filter now checks for either NULL or an empty string when the "is empty" checkbox is marked on text or number fields for better parity with its Propel counterpart.

How to Upgrade

If you've checked out a copy of the a tag from Subversion, switch to the latest:

// symfony 1.3
$ svn switch

// symfony 1.4
$ svn switch

If you are using the PEAR package you can update using the pear command:

// symfony 1.3
$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.3.4

// symfony 1.4
$ pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.4.4

Once that's complete, clear your project's cache.

$ php symfony cache:clear
Help the Symfony project!

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Thanks for another great release!

Is it possible to make stable Symfony releases more predictable? Let's say - release at the end of each month or so?

If I could know symfony stable release date I could synchronize or desynchronize my project releases. This can be pretty cool :) I could plan more things.

Anyone else think that predictible release dates would be usefull?

Unable to upgrade to 1.3.4 via pear; pear reports back:
# pear install symfony/symfony-1.3.4
Failed to download symfony/symfony, version "1.3.4", latest release is version 1.4.4, stability "stable", use "channel://" to install
@Michal: Noone is forcing you to install the new version as soon as it's released. The rest of us is happy to have bugfixes as soon as possible.
If I could know release date I could make a two decisions:
- synchronize my project release with symfony release. This means two things - less testing (since I need to test once not twice). I need to take down project site once not twice.

So these are advantages for me.

OTOH I may want to desynchronize my releases when I want to do more testing.

Predictable release date is great for user - I know that it won't be so great for Kris and other Symfony devs ;).

Of course in some security cases release can be accelerated or delayed (needs more testing).
@digital I'll look into it.
@digital: The 1.3.4 was missing on the PEAR server. This has been fixed now.
the externals of doctrine are missing in the zip-file
the above examples upgrade symfony for the whole userland, right? How about if you install symfony on a per project bases, how do you upgrade?
Great! now I can use Doctrine 1.2.2 =D, thanks guys I was waiting for this!
Hello, I am from Germany and I test it on one site under - It is amazing - Thank you very much.
Just want to notify something. In the task now "$this->dispatcher" != "sfContext::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher()", that broke my task a lot ;(

I can't upgrade my symfony app.

pear upgrade symfony/symfony-1.4.4
Nothing to upgrade :/

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