Symfony Day 2010

After a very successful event last year, Interlutions have decided to organize the SymfonyDay event again this year. People who were there last year (126 in total from 6 different countries) can testify the conference was excellent, both the location and the schedule being very good. This year, the setup for the conference is the same, except for the location, which is now bigger and better suited than last year's awesome location.

The schedule this year extends last year's in terms of topics, taking the normal symfony topics and combining those with some recent topics, such as the Doctrine MongoDB ODM, Advanced symfony usage and an update on the state of Symfony2 by Fabien Potencier. It is also interesting to see that this year, there are also two guest speakers with more general PHP talks: Pierre Joye from Microsoft and Gaylord Aulke of 100 DAYS Software Projects.

As was the case last year, this year the regular conference track is again combined with a special workshop introducing symfony 1.4 development to people new or starting with symfony. During this full-day workshop, all aspects of working with symfony 1.4 to build a dynamic website will be covered so that attendees will be able to start working with symfony in building their own website as soon as they finish the workshop. New this year is the option to attend both the conference track and the workshop by offering the full-day workshop on the day after the conference.

Registration for the conference is 120 euro this year, but you can still use the early bird discount that is still available until the end of August where you get access to the conference for only 80 euro. So register now to take advantage of this discount.

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Wouldnt it be better to give us the country and city there the event will happen?
it seems it ll be hold in Germany/Cologne
Yes, I've already found it in one of the links. But I think its an important information if you need to go to Cologne or to São Paulo. :-)
When will you hold a conference in NYC?

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