Symfony Day Cologne 2010

The Symfony Day conference is an annual event held in Cologne, Germany and hosted by Interlutions. It was held on October 8th, 2010 and it is the second year the conference was put together and it was a major success to say the least! I was honored to give a talk about the latest Doctrine project, the MongoDB Object Document Mapper. Several other great talks were given by some of the top Symfony community members, including a talk by our fearless leader, Fabien, on The State of Symfony2. You can view the event on if you attended. Below you will find all of the talks given and the presentations for each of them:

  • Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper by Jonathan H. Wage
  • PHP, symfony and software lifecycles by Pierre Joye
  • Unit testing symfony plugins with PHPUnit by Christian Schaefer
  • Advanced symfony Techniques by Kris Wallsmith
  • Framework or CMS by Gaylord Aulke
  • The State of Symfony2 by Fabien Potencier

Stefan Koopmanschap also gave a workshop on getting to know Symfony and it was well received by its attendees. We will also have training workshops at the upcoming Symfony Live 2011 conferences so if you would like to attend one be sure to check it out now!

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I'm so sorry I heavn't got the time to join, but next time I will.
great article - thanks for sharing
I love symfony. Great site...

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