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Symfony Support in NetBeans 6.8

Last week, the NetBeans team announced that the next version of their IDE (6.8) will have native support for symfony! That's a great news for all of us.

They have a dedicated page in their Wiki about symfony support in NetBeans, and the NetBeans 6.8 nightly builds already have some basic support for symfony, like the ability to run a task. To learn more, read Tomas Mysik's blog post about what is already available.

That's exciting, and I think we need to help them building a great IDE for symfony. I highly encourage you to download a 6.8 build, test it with your own projects, and give them feedback.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


That is great news! The Netbeans editor with debugger is really great, and now with symfony support!

I can recommend this IDE.

(Only drawback is the SVN-support, do this seperately!)

Will test it!

I'd like to add that you may be interested in joining the netbeans php mailing list where you can post your comments, ideas and wishes. Pick [email protected] from
Great news!
um bom trabalho de quem votou no plugin.
Now yes I am livened up… This plugin delayed to leave, but everything has its time… Now is to use and to use
Eu uso o Eclipse. Concerteza estarei testando o NetBeans,
The key thing for me is whether the auto-complete is good. It's OK in Eclipse but not perfect; it sometimes doesn't pick up on @var definitions. I'll give this a go sometime and see how it performs!
Really really great news!!!
The symfony framework deserves a cool IDE! Thank's netbeans!
IVe been working an onsite project for about 4 months now where we have to use NetBeans. I have to say I'm not impressed. It definitely moves a little faster than Eclipse and code completion is better, but overall I still prefer Eclipse.
Great news !!
But I am an Eclipse user, so I would be more happy when I see a fully functional Symfony plugin for Eclipse
Hello, I'm an Eclipse user too and I think that PDT is enough powerfull to develop projects with symfony
I use Eclipse PDT for my projects, too!; but I don't think it's a bad idea to give a it a try to Netbeans.
I just tried it yesterday. It is not usable yet, NullPointException keeps poping up and ultimately I had to kill the process.
To sudhir:
Have you reported that bug?

I've used it (netbeans) by the first time and it REALLY impressed me. There are few bugs like dynamic class names giving nullpointer errors, and when you alt-tab back to the IDE it get the menu selected, but it still a great IDE.
I've used few of the symfony functions, but it made me feel more confortable than Eclipe + PDT.
NPE plus other bugs has its roots in very rash development of 6.8 which should support php 5.3 and symfony framework as the major improvements. Now is 6.8 still in very early phase of development far from beta even not the first milestone. We have just released 6.7. So, please, be patient, give us feedback, report bugs, which is the way how you can help us make the IDE better. Thanks
nice work!

+1 for using specific symfony scripts in different projects.
Hmm .. MySQL Workbench to Doctrine YAML (round trip) support .. now that would be something.

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