Symfony2: What about another Release Candidate?

Symfony2 RC5 has been over-optimized. Unfortunately, this leads to pages taking over 30 seconds under certain circumstances in the development environment, which is of course, is far from being acceptable.

RC6 corrects this bug.

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Well 30s. load's not exactly my definition of over-optimization.
I guess he is talking of optimization in production, not in dev environment.
"over-optimized" in the sense that this bug was caused by an alleged performance optimization which had the side-effect of making something else considerably slower :)
There's one more commit on github that should be included I think...
Oh god, I try to do my first project in Symfony and this bug makes me scratch my head all afternoon, wondering what I was doing wrong.
I am sticking with the stable version which I am using for now - RC4.
I will be releasing my first symfony2 site, and this will happen today or tommorrow :) It will be early working version but I want to launch it and I will continue developing it, once the final Symfony2 comes out I will install and check if everything is OK. Meanwhile the site should be quite opperational :)

Happy coding!
Ah, I installed my first Symfony project today and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong!

Thanks for the quick fix and letting us know.
How can I update? I cannot find the "deps" and "deps.lock"

oups! je travaille pas seul le dimanche
There have been too many easily identifiable mistakes and faults in the RCs - makes me worry about the first "stable" version.

The test routines seem poor..
yeah, I feel the same like Pär
I'm afraid there is always some crucial mistake in every release and then there is another release with fixes. Please make sure twice there are not mistakes before releasing !
Personally I think, that you should wait more than a week before releasing final version. Just because of such bugs - they may show up in few days. Maybe 1.08 is a little better?
( For RC6 ) Why i convert to annotation there not include "@ORM" but the import from database is OK. Thanks.
I've been looking forward to Symfony2 for a long time. I teach PHP courses every semester and having a stable version ASAP would be amazing. Even then, for the amount of issues that keep happening, I would prefer to know that I will teach something -very- stable and I wouldn't mind waiting for as many RC's as it takes to get to that point.
Is there any specific procedure to upgrade to RC6, or does following the RC5 release instructions get it for us automatically?

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