Talk about Symfony2, not Symfony 2

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting discussion about how to name Symfony2 from the perspective of a Symfony developer.

As we maintain a lot of different symfony versions, it is sometimes difficult to find documentation for the exact version you are using. So, when you start using symfony 1.4 for instance, and search for something on a search engine, you find lots of results for other versions of the framework like 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. With Symfony2, the problem will be even more annoying, as the framework is very different.

By removing the space between Symfony and the version, like in Symfony2, you can search for "Symfony2" instead of "symfony", and search engines will then only return results related to "Symfony2".

So, please, as of now, whenever you write a blog post, a piece of documentation, a tweet, or a presentation, never write "Symfony 2" again. Use Symfony2 instead. That way, someone can search for "Symfony2 routing" and he will have only Symfony2 results.

I have updated the Symfony2 documentation accordingly, which should be available later today ;)

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Hmm btw silly question, will the Symfony2 documentation be available in the documentation section of this website, or will it stay on
@NiKo: As this is still a Preview Release, everything will be on the website.
You can count on me :p
When do you plan release any alpha ?
How about when searching for +"Symfony 2" we actually get results about Symfony2, personally I think the documentation indexing is NOT top notch! This will just make things simpler for poorly indexed documentation.
I love the pragmatism of this decision!

When looking for documentation, blog posts, and similar, for other systems I often have to filter through a bunch of articles irrelevant to my version. This is an interesting take on solving the problem.
neat solution indeed
I agree with Fotis. Google for example supports this. I saw this in many FOSS php projects, there's gotta be a library for it somewhere.
+1 Fotis. People will intuitively Google for "Symfony 1.0", "Symfony 1.4" or "Symfony 2.0 documentation", not for "Symfony2 documentation".
The problem is not if "Symfony 2" works as of course it will work. The thing is to refer to Symfony as Symfony2, not Symfony.
I just would be happy if the documentation is better than the 1.3/1.4 one - no matter what I need to type into Google. I know already where to find the Documentation link on this site...
That's great to have thinked about it! An important problem is solved I think.

@Hannes: The documentation of Symfony2 has been really improved on, even if the 1.3/1.4 docs were easy to read & learn too I think.
Then I think you should change the name of the forum from "Symfony 2.0" to "Symfony2"

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