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That's an international framework

In these days when rises the consciousness of the variety of countries in our world (thanks to the football World Cup), it is time that we all understand how much symfony is already an international framework.

I'm not referring to the built-in i18n features, that all the other frameworks envy us. I'm talking about the fact that people, all over the world, talk about symfony, and usually they say nice things.

Take Christian Prior, for instance. Next Sunday, he will give a 2 hours lecture about symfony at the FrOSCon 2006 (Free and Open Source Software Conference) in Germany. If you live near Bonn, don't hesitate to go and listen to his speech.

The mailing-lists being English-speaking only, a Chinese google group dedicated to symfony was created last February, and it already counts about 60 members. Yesterday, a Spanish group was launched, and we hope that the Spanish-speaking devs will find there a good way to get assistance.

Those who follow this Blog already know that I just came back from Kiev, where I gave a training to some Ukrainian developers on Symfony. Those who wonder if I speak Ukrainian, be reassured, the training took place in English. And, by the way, if you are an IT executive and if you want your teams to be trained to symfony, contact us and we'll arrange something for you.

We'd love if the documentation could be read by even more people than the ones who speak English. The first project tutorial is currently being translated in French and German (head to the wiki for the translations), and we'd appreciate any help given to the kind volunteers who started this task. By the way, did you notice that the askeet tutorial has translations in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Indonesian and (added today) Japanese? We thank all the brave writers who started this arduous job. Having written the English version myself, I know how long it can be.

In conclusion, don't hesitate to send us news about local events concerning symfony. We'll relay the announcements in the symfony project website. Spread the word about symfony, in all the languages of the world!

P.S.: We'd appreciate if no sarcastic comment about the performance of France in the World Cup was published after this post.

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That's really nice Francois! It's cool to see so much community support around Symfony.


**no sarcastic comments about the performance of France in the World Cup were published in this post**
Hi Francois .. congratulations for the great job .. we're using simfony down here in Brazil for a business project.

Good lucky on saturday.

Great job Francois...The company I work for has been using symfony for all our projects (quite a few now) since I discovered it and presented it's great features to the big boss :)

Keep up the great work.
Oh...I'm from Portugal!

Maybe I'll start a Portuguese Symfony google group.
I am from Karachi, Pakistan.

I have successfully made the symfony number 1 choice to PHP based projects in my company. Thanks to all symfony team.

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