The symfony 1.4 documentation on Git

Today, I have migrated the symfony 1.4 documentation from Subversion to Git. It has no impact for end users but it is a great news for all people contributing to the documentation. It will allow a better and smoother workflow for proof-readers and translators. No more the need to send me an email to have access to the repository. Clone the official repository, make your changes, and request a pull. It cannot be easier than that.

The SVN repository is still accessible but has been locked to read-only mode.

Contributing to the symfony documentation has never been easier. Why not start today?

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And where is Defenitive Guide?
I have no choice, I must use Git (sigh)
@Davert: read this
0_o What a tricky rebranding :) That's my favorite symfony book.

But when we will be able to see it on the site?

And the forms book. Can you name a titles for the missed chapters, so community could write them?
Great Job. A good things to begin with Git :)

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