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A week of symfony #105 (29 december 2008 -> 4 january 2009)

This week marked the end of a great year for symfony, full of good news, events, new documentation and lots of symfony releases. Surely 2009 will be even better. In addition, Jobeet tutorial still attracted lot of attention during this week with several fixes and improvements.

Development highlights

  • r14378: [1.1, 1.2] [sfPropelPlugin] updated propel behavior inclusion logic to use only core classes
  • r14385: [1.0] fixed i18N and open_basedir restriction problem
  • r14421: [1.2] updated sfProjectFreezeTask help text to be more verbose
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 108 changesets, 26 defects created, 10 defects closed, 7 enhancements created, 17 documentation defects created, 11 documentation defects closed and 6 documentation edits.

Book and documentation


  • New plugins
    • tsTitlePlugin: creates nice title tag with delimiter from default view.yml
    • symfonyUnderControlPlugin: aims at integration the lime unit testing framework with the phpUnderControl/CruiseControl Continuous Integration system. It will allow you to have lime output xUnit XML files that can be parsed by phpUnderControl/CruiseControl to be displayed in it's web interface.
    • sfJqueryWidgetsPlugin: adds two jQuery widgets to the list of available widgets bundled in the framework (drop down list that fires an Ajax request upon DOM event and sortable list that fires an Ajax request upon change).
    • sfClearBoxWindowPlugin: a wraper of ClearBox that allows to view images in playing mode for your site.
    • pkAdminQuickCreatePlugin: symfony's admin generator can provide pulldowns to select these, but what if they don't already exist? pkAdminQuickCreatePlugin makes it easy to implement "quick create" buttons.
    • sfAdvMemcachePlugin: allows easy use memcache to store cache or session.
  • Updated plugins
    • pkImageConverterPlugin: initial checkin
    • sfDoctrineAdminGeneratorWithShowPlugin: fixed some bugs
    • sfAdvancedAdminGeneratorPlugin: changed help for hints, fixed a javascript bug, hint and help are now separated, stylesheet fixed
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed PHP functions is_dir and is_writable to use full paths for accurate results, modified lib/helper/sfAssetHelper auto_wrap_text so it works, added Cancel button to sidebar_search and number of results to searchSuccess
    • sfEzcWorkflowPlugin: fixed typo
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: case insensitive group matching for authz, merged in 1.0 branch recent fixes from 1.1 branch
    • sfApplyPlugin: documentation issues
    • sfEasyDebugPlugin: fixed a typo in the documentation, fixed a issue with ::assert(), fixed display in ::assert(), fixed bug in logging
    • sfPropelActAsPolymorphicBehaviorPlugin: fixed undefined variable in symfony 1.0
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: updated generate:plugin task so it can be run on an empty plugin directory, added sfProjectConfiguration::enablePluginDevelopment() method for whitelisting those plugins the addon tasks should act on
    • sfSmartyPlugin: updated compiler process and optimized parsing methods, updated documentation, updated use helper method to accept comma delimited string list of helpers, updated helper compilation method for cleaner compiled templates
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: updated the README and package.xml ready for the release of 0.2.0
    • sfFormExtraPlugin: fixed blacklist validator changing the case of value in a case-insensitive context
    • swToolboxPlugin: added sendMail method to the controller, added swWidgetFormDoctrineSelectNestedSetPosition widget
    • sfDatagridPlugin: released 1.0.4 version, fixed the symfony cc notice, fixed the action bar rendering problem with ie
    • sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin: added Propel 1.3 compatibility, created 1.2 branch, code cleanup, added package.xml, fixed README, fixed bug in propel:build-all-diff task

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A week of symfony #105 (29 december 2008 -> 4 january 2009)

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Where is the design from "Jobeet - Day 21: The Design Day"? 2 weeks and no details about that..
Thanx for all, and happy new year !
All of the symfony team members had holiday season, so noone of us had time to setup the jobeet site with the elected design. It will come soon

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