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A week of symfony #109 (26 january -> 1 february 2009)

This week the symfony project showed an extraordinary activity: i18n data were completely updated and optimized, symfony 1.2.3 was released and all the symfony 1.2 documentation was published in PDF format. Furthermore, 33 plugins were updated and 245 changesets were committed to the repository.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r14964, r14965: [1.2, 1.3] fixed pre_replace issue with username/pw starting with number in sfConfigureDatabaseTask
  • r15083: [1.3] upgraded symfony i18n data files, reduced performance overhead by removing the need to "simplify()" most results of calls to sfCultureInfo
  • r15122: [1.2, 1.3] removed test cleanup now being handled in unit bootstrap
  • r15136: [1.3] adopted symfony to the new timezone storage in the new i18n files. Timezones/cities are now part of a metatimezone. The metatimezone is translated and stored separately. Added some test coverage
  • r15147: [1.3] fixed ordering of some select_* helper to respect the locale of the user
  • r15148: [1.3] added sortArray() method to sfCultureInfo.class to sort the passed array with the locale of the culture class instance
  • r15152, r15153, r15154: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2] backported Urdu language files
  • r15155, r15156, r15157: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed project:enable task to clear only cache of the given application and environment
  • Milestone 1.2.3 completed
  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r14976: [1.2, 1.3] Fixing issue with routing throwing exceptions when param is not a property or function on model
    • r14977: [1.2, 1.3] Fixes issue with copies of listeners registering during functional tests
    • r14978: [1.2, 1.3] Adding sfDoctrinePluginConfiguration class to sfDoctrinePlugin
    • r14979: [1.2, 1.3] Fixes issue where table_method is called after the filters are applied
    • r14982: [1.2, 1.3] Fixed key_method and table_method options for sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoice
    • r14983: [1.2, 1.3] Fixes issue where generate:admin --module option is ignored
    • r15101: [1.2] added basic test coverage of select_timezone_tag to ensure compatibility with my 1.3 changes
    • r15114: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] removed priority unssetting in log event handling
  • sfPropelPlugin:
    • r15121: [1.2, 1.3] escaped output of propel queries in web debug toolbar
    • r15134: [1.2, 1.3] added generation of key_method option when FK references a non-PK in propel form, filter generators
  • Updated dwhittle branch
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 245 changesets, 40 defects created, 39 defects closed, 8 enhancements created, 8 enhancements closed, 9 documentation defects created, 5 documentation defects closed and 21 documentation edits.

Book and documentation



  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • sfDoctrineActAsTaggablePlugin: removed cruft from TaggableListener::preDelete, added static PluginTagTable::purgeOrphans() to delete Tags without relations to objects in Tagging table. can be called with new task "taggable:clean", add TaggableToolkit::triplify to apply namespace and key to array of tag names:with
    • sfExtraWidgetsPlugin: fixed the datepicker render
    • sfLucenePlugin: fixed sfLuceneDoctrineListener calls Doctrine_Record::indentifier() instead of Doctrine_Record::identifier()
    • bhLDAPAuthPlugin: fixed yaml configuration was ignoring FALSE values
    • sfImageTransformPlugin: fixed loading bug where filename is not set, updating GD classes to use utility method to get transparent image
    • pmPropelObjectLogBehaviorPlugin: behavior added
    • swToolboxPlugin: add Functional Unit Test Generation, fixed typo
    • sfShibbolethPlugin: all routing rules can be turned off in app.yml now, made generator.yml more 1.2 friendly, enforceLoginOnSecure now works even if it's a subdir of https:// that is shibbed and not the entire secure side, workaround when you must have a physical folder to convince Apache to pass REMOTE_USER
    • dwCryptPlugin: updated pear package
    • dwJpgraphPlugin: updated pear package + jpgraph lib
    • dwPrototypeTooltipPlugin: update pear package
    • dwPrototypeWindowPlugin: updated pear package
    • dwSwfChartPlugin: updated pear package
    • ysfAPIClientPlugin: updated pear package
    • ysfDimensionsPlugin: updated pear package
    • ysfR3Plugin: updated pear package
    • ysfYUIPlugin: updated pear package
    • sfOfflineFilterPlugin: first svn realease 1.0.1
    • sfDatagridPlugin: added the loading box for ajax, put the default text in app.yml, added theme for propelAdminGenerator, correction of the css change /sfDatagridPlugin/img to ../img, changes into sfDatagrid.class.php for sfDataGrid::getConfig(), fixed the exception when you don't use AdminGenerator, added 'list.row_action' into admingenerator by default edit
    • sfXSLTViewPlugin: corrected plugin to work with Doctrine
    • sfSocialPlugin: refactored sfSocialMessage module, first (and incomplete) implementation of sfSocialNotify
    • sfDoctrineGraphvizPlugin: adds a Doctrine task that output database MCD and MLD schema using graphviz
    • sfCombineFilterPlugin: commiting symfony 1.2 compatible version
    • limexPlugin: documented the fact that you can still use a lime_output_color object
    • sfWmdPlugin: added code to load Javascript helper from Javascript or JavascriptBase, updated readme for creation of new branch for version 1
    • sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin: task propel:build-all-diff now runs also propel:build-filters and propel:build-forms
    • sfTaskExtraPlugin: added stubs for each method to generate:tests task
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: partial creation not working when using in a module
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: javascript refactoring
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: standardized variable naming convention sfAssetFolderPeer, fixed bug sidebar_search, bug fix sfAsset.php and correct variable naming convention, clean up lib/models, clean up sfAssetPeer.php, modify LibraryTools createThumbnail and clean up code, standardized all variable names
    • sfDoctrineSettingsPlugin: making it so the save button does not show on the footer of the list page when we're not using single page editing mode, updating the plugin to work with symfony 1.2, fixed the config_handler.php file to get the correct file, updated the filter to get the correct file, updated the filter to check if the defaults.yml file exists
    • nahoPropelOptimizerPlugin: updated SVN structure
    • sfPhpunitPlugin: added management of namespaces in lib/model, changed directory struture, added a base class for tests, added the tearDown function

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A week of symfony #109 (26 january -> 1 february 2009)

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Just brilliant! Thank you guys.
I am very surprised. Name of the author of that post is Francois Zaninotto.

I understood François was not part of the symfony project and was only maintaining his own plugins and among them : dbfinderplugin.
@Fredlab: Hehe yeah the blog admin system is very... um.. advanced. I guess Javier miscliecked when selecting the author names :-)
Fabian is right, I forgot to set the author of the post.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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