A week of symfony #126 (25->31 May 2009)

Symfony CLI and tasks focused development activity during this week. In addition, symfony introduced its getting started guide, that will become the definitive place to find all the information related to the symfony installation process.

Development mailing list

Development highlights

  • r18633: [1.3] cleaned up output of project:permissions task when chmod operations fail
  • r18661: [1.3] added more files generated by SCM tools to the rsync exclude configuration
  • r18662: [lime] fixed the returned value of a test harness when the only errors come from files that return a dubious status
  • r18666: [1.0, 1.1, 1.2] updated lime to 1.0.6
  • r18669: [1.2, 1.3] fixed sfBrowser::click() when several links and buttons have the same value
  • r18677: [lime] fixed failing test
  • r18678: [lime] fixed returned value from the test command when some tests fail
  • r18694: [1.2, 1.3] fixed problem with propel:data-dump task under some Linux distro
  • r18706: [1.0] fixed symfony test suite return value in case of an error
  • r18727: [1.3] removed the --dry-run option of the symfony CLI
  • r18728: [1.3] added a new --color option to the symfony CLI
  • r18730: [lime] deprecated lime_output_color
  • r18731: [1.3] added support for the new --color option for the test tasks
  • r18734: [1.1, 1.2, 1.3] fixed loading order of tasks
  • r18770: [1.3] fixed checkbox and radio selects to render an empty string when no choice are provided
  • r18795: [1.3] exempted hidden fields from removal in useFields()
  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r18663: [1.3] fixing failing test case. Count should be called before query is executed
  • ...and many other changes

Symfony components

  • yaml:
    • r18628: added the official YAML website URL to the README file
    • r18732: added support for colorizing output of the test task under Windows
  • event dispatcher:
    • r18732: added support for colorizing output of the test task under Windows

Development digest: 188 changesets, 18 bugs reported, 13 bugs fixed, 5 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 9 documentation defects reported, 4 documentation defects fixed, and 3 documentation edits.



  • New plugins
    • sfYandexMapPlugin: provides helpers and an objet-oriented PHP abstraction to the Yandex Maps API to ease the process of adding a Yandex Map and customising it in your symfony projects.
    • dataSourceImapPlugin: an IMAP access layer that works in combination with sfGrid to give easy but controllable access to an IMAP inbox. The IMAP communication is based on Net_IMAP and can be used without sfGrid as a standalone library.
    • sfDataSourcePlugin: provides an interface and some implementations that provide generic data access. Currently implementations for an Array, Propel and Doctrine are provided.
    • sfPropelHelperPlugin: makes it easier to do non-default-joins. Instead of the limited doSelectJoin(xxx) Peer-Methods you are now free to do any join you desire and let the result get hydrated automatically.
    • mbElectronicPaymentPlugin: universal electronic payment plugin for symfony.
    • lcFlowPlayerPlugin: allows users to embed video and audio streams into your webpage.
    • sfWidgetFormTreePlugin: creates checkbox/radio group out of a tree structure.
    • sfPHPMailerPlugin: (no description)
  • Updated plugins
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: changed default template name in configuration and updated documentation, added "learn by example" documentation, added more documentation, updated readme and package's template, added i18n and controller options and "translate" method, refactoring
    • sfFilebasePlugin: fixed various bugs in core filebase, PluginsfAbstractFile not longer declared abstract, tags are now stored in the same relation for more easy filtering, added tag cloud support to admin area, fixed a bug in sfFilebaseTask * tasks preventing accessing sfContext in a multi application environment, fixed a bug in task which could not get a context in a multi app environment
    • sfMicroBlogPlugin: added lib/vendor/facebook, added untested support for facebook update status, beautifullation and successfully tested facebook status update, added support for isValidAuth()
    • isicsBreadcrumbsPlugin: fixed README
    • dsExtDirectPlugin: exception messages will now only be displayed if the router is in debug mode, added ability to parse actions/methods from plugins, added better exception handling for forwards from an action or filter, fixed bug where a formhandler request may be falsely interpreted as a file upload
    • sfWebRPCPlugin: JSON bug fix
    • sfLucenePlugin: update task, updated sfLucene class, fixed query stuff, fixed config solr config file creation
    • pkToolkitPlugin: fixed multiple culture search indexing problem, don't display pager when not needed
    • sfGridPlugin: removed datasource imap since it has become a new plugin on its own
    • sfJqueryReloadedPlugin: updated jQuery to 1.3.2, updated jQuery UI to 1.7.1, added experimental support for draggables and droppables, cleanup of sortable to use json_encode wherever appropriate
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: minor tweaks in sidebar helper, continued work on pagetree, beginning of support for global admin buttons added by plugins that extend pkContextCMS, added on delete cascade for privileges, force user to login action if they try to use an AJAX action after timing out, conventional radio buttons instead of pill buttons, defaults made explicit to work around null issue
    • sfZ3950Plugin: enhancement of the Z39.50 query log into the debug bar, enhancement of the Z39.50 query log into the debug bar (add limit and colors), added parsing control on where condition
    • sfXssSafePlugin: created branches, updated to HTML Purifier 3.3.0, included autoload if bootstraps is not already loaded, updated unit tests to allow fullscreen on flash object, updated README, renamed sfXssSafeObject class sample to avoid autoload, added missing classes from html purifier 3.3 library
    • pkMediaCMSSlotsPlugin: added CMS global admin button for media
    • csFormTransformPlugin: added Schema Class to row decorator
    • sfAtosPaymentPlugin: fixed an unique can't be null in SQL
    • sfEasyDebugPlugin: ::assert dont echo stacktrace in prod env
    • sfUploadManagerPlugin: fixed bug in sfuploadedFile and sfUploadManagerValidatorFile classes, fixed findObsoletes method, added reset task
    • sfAdminDashPlugin: improvements when using the option include_jquery, added the csrf_token field in partial _login.php to work properly with the login form in sfGuard plugin, added functionality to allow set the include_path option in the app.yml file, added functionality that allows you to add items on the menu unless you belong to the Menu drop-down, fixed getCategories() method in sfAdminDash.class.php, fixed the duplicate "sf_admin_footer" class in _footer.php, tweaked default.css styles, improvements in the interface translation, added xliff file to translate the inteface to spanish
    • swToolboxPlugin: added small changes
    • sfSimpleBlogPlugin: fixed doctrine >= 1.0 compatibility
    • sfDynamicsPlugin: switched the web debug toolbar into plugin configuration class to avoid compatibility problems with symfony 1.1

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and another news worthy of mention for the documentation section is that the "Getting started with symfony" tutorial has already been fully translated in Italian! :)
Please get a native English speaker to proof read Fabien's writing: nobody writes "softwares" (see 02-Prerequisites in the new Getting Started guide). "Software" is a continuous (not a discrete) noun and doesn't need a plural.
Hi Ed,
so you are volunteering? I can give you write access to the documentation repository that you can start proof reading and correcting all the documentation. In case you dont mind, because there are a few thousand pages.
With all due respect Fabien, I don't work for free.
@Ed Andersen: wow, do you know that all the symfony core team members work for free to provide people like you a free framework? By the way, I have fixed the typo.

i gust want to say some thing "great job"

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Shame on you, Ed Andersen.
Thanks to Ed, quite a few people sent me an email to help us proof-reading the symfony documentation. Thanks to them. There are so many ways to contribute back to symfony and so many great people in the community ;)
How rude...
Yeah, I guess I do work for free. But only, you know, when I want to.

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