A week of symfony #140 (31 August -> 6 September 2009)

Despite lack of development activity, it was a busy week for symfony. Firstly, symfony day 09 event took place in Germany with great success. Meanwhile, symfony drew lot of attention at the PHP Conference in Japan, greatly increasing symfony coverage in the japanese blogosphere.

Development highlights

  • sfDoctrinePlugin:
    • r21659: [1.3] fixed generated leaf configure() in doctrine inheritance forms so parent method is called
    • r21712: [1.3] added query option to sfFormFilterDoctrine, removed requirement that table method return a query object
  • ...and many other changes

Development digest: 153 changesets, 17 bugs reported, 4 bugs fixed, 6 enhancements suggested, 1 enhancement closed, 2 documentation defects reported, 3 documentation defects fixed, and 21 documentation edits.


New developers for hire

  • Terry Tsang ([email protected]): I'm a freelance Symfony/PHP Web Developer who loves to create great web applications. I am good at open source platforms such as wordpress and magento. You can know me more at www.terrytsang.com

New symfony bloggers


  • New plugins
  • Updated plugins
    • diemPlugin:
      • improved userLog and admin usability
      • added symfony check_configuration.php to dmServerCheck and made sfGuardSignin extend BaseForm
      • made sfWidgetFormDmDate extend sfWidgetFormI18nDate instead of sfWidgetFormDate and fixed jquery ui datepicker inclusion in forms that require it
      • load current object variable in admin forms partials and components
      • improved automatic i18n form merge in admin
      • improved admin usability and fixed apc cache abstraction
      • improved dmAPCCache (added prefixes to cache name)
      • installed apc monitor and improved apc integration
      • removed deprecated class dmAdminHelper
      • fixed i18n date validator
      • disabled symfony functional tests creation for admin
      • revamped automatic media form embedding
      • added automatic batch actions for record activation
      • improved routing performance
      • fixed admin doctrine selects must use defaut table sort
      • improved admin list performance
      • added badBrowser login page
      • added select all / unselect all to multi checkbox admin fields
      • fixed admin media form embedding
      • added developper friendly method to perform custom joins in admin list query
      • extended Zend CodeGenerator to fix indentation issues
      • improvements on front edition and progressive code generation
      • fixed i18n features and page creation
      • moved doctrine filters creation to table
      • huge performance boost
    • pkContextCMSPlugin: configured Zend externals, archived pages only appear in subnav or tabs if you are a potential editor, fixed documentation error regarding specifying FCK toolbars, fixed unbinded click event for cancelling a history preview
    • sfExtjsThemePlugin: changes ux.ToolbarUpload to use Ext.ux.IconMgr for upload button, added successText config option to ux.ToolbarUpload, export column order now matches export: display order exported booleans now export as true or false strings instead of 0 and 1, switched grid update after edit to tab activate listener, made nameSpace a class variable, added fix to maintain GridPanel scroll position across store reloads, added triming of spaces to textfield filter trim
    • sfUnobstrusiveWidgetPlugin: fixed i18n usage, added sfUoWidgetTable widget
    • sfAssetsLibraryPlugin: fixed form to move asset
    • sfEasyGMapPlugin: correction of geocoding in v3, several bugfixes, fixed GMapMarkerImage
    • swToolboxPlugin: added experimental Master and Slave Connection with MySQL, disabled logger (was causing trouble with unit tests), removed swDynamicForm files
    • sfFacebookConnectPlugin: configuration of Doctrine fields, if no culture translation is available return the culture instead of an empty string, minor fixes: tabs to spaces, removed Windows line returns, removed trailing spaces, separate sfGuardUser account creation and sfGuardUser account retrieval, reverted to simpler auth method, added sfGuardUserPeer::isActive, added signin route configuration
    • sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin: added unit tests, fixed bug with table type determining
    • swFormExtraPlugin: save reset options into the form, added secure form option, restore i18n and fix catalogue reference, removed extra translation
    • sfEasyAuthPlugin: added debug logging to the log in methods, updated documentation, added a new field to the app.yml file, sfEasyAuthBasicUser now inherits from the local class
    • pkToolkitPlugin: added more pkSubCrud features, added pk_sub_crud_create_form_tag helper for outputting a valid "create new object" form, new date and time formatters in pkDate(), pkMutlipleSelectAll() now supports an options array, userCanEdit checks for edit buttons and actions as appropriate
    • tmCsvPlugin: added option for case-insensitive columns despite doctrine case-sensitive "nature", fixed unit test for writing CSV, ignoring many-to-many when writing CSV, added check for CSV not having any usable columns in a header, bug fix for tables named in camelCase, updated documentation and changelog
    • sfSocialPlugin: refactored some static variables/methods, got rid of ids in i18n
    • sfDatagridPlugin: added getCriteria for sfDatagridPropel.class.php
    • sfLucenePlugin: removed debug code
    • sfTestsToXUnitPlugin: added content to README
    • swFormDynamicPlugin: added missing javascript
    • sfPhpExcelPlugin: added symfony 1.2 compatibility, added default properties
    • sfWidgetFormInputSWFUploadPlugin: fixed bug that added onload listeners even if swfobject was not loaded in Safari
    • sfAdminThemejRollerPlugin: added show view
    • csSettingsPlugin: updated readme/documentation, added setting_default functionality when new setting is inserted

New symfony powered websites

  • Château Trinquevedel: (French) website with CMS for a wine producer in Rhone Valley
  • Evolution 7: (English) leading digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in ecommerce, customised applications, and symfony development
  • Verbatim Australia: (English) corporate site for Verbatim Australia, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS
  • In Essence Aromatherapy: (English) slick ecommerce website, online ordering, payment gateway integration (DPS), ajax shopping cart
  • Forethought Research: (English) corporate site for Forethought Research, including Think Tank database of articles & white papers. symfony CMS
  • GBS Ventures: (English) unique & striking website for Melbourne-based venture capital firm GBS, symfony CMS
  • Kingston Arts Centre: (English) dynamic website and portal for Kingston Arts Centre, showcasing events, movies and venue hire information
  • Verbatim Hong Kong: (Chinese, and English) corporate site for Verbatim Hong Kong, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS
  • Verbatim Singapore: (English) corporate site for Verbatim Singapore, including product database, knowledge base, and multilingual/multi-region CMS
  • Lifebroker: (English) providing range of life insurance quote comparisons, survey engine, full content management
  • Lifebroker NZ: (English) providing range of life insurance quote comparisons, survey engine, full content management
  • Lifebroker UK: (English) providing range of life insurance quote comparisons, survey engine, full content management
  • Austcycle: (English) the Australian leader in providing cycling training - full content management, news, events, providers
  • Autogoldimport: (French) importateur de véhicules d'occasion toutes marques et tous modèles

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A week of symfony #140 (31 August -> 6 September 2009) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-140-31-august-6-september-2009

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Hi Javier,

Is there any material/presentation from symfony day that i can download ?


@Wildan, most presentations are published on SlideShare:

Best Practice Testing with Lime 2 (http://bit.ly/TdKrZ)

30 Symfony Best Practices (http://bit.ly/4EwbgW)

Symfony 1.3 + Doctrine 1.2 (http://bit.ly/12RDBV)

Symfony vs Integrating products (http://bit.ly/42L4z8)

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