A week of symfony #198 (11->17 October 2010)

This week, symfony project unveiled all the details for the upcoming Symfony Live 2011 conferences in Paris and San Francisco. Meanwhile, Symfony2 development showed an impressive activity boosted by lots of patches committed by the community. Lastly, as a proof that time flies when you're having fun programming, the next week symfony turns 5 years old (on October 18).

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • af8cb48: [FrameworkBundle] changed Template renderers to be lazy-loaded
  • dbde494: made locale determination for translation lazy-loaded (this allows to have a stateless-website, without any cookie)
  • f033fc5: refactor ValueTransformers to recieve the original value when reverseTransform() is called
  • 0d9d4ac: Optimize some code in Form/Configurable, Have ChoiceField always pass data to transformers, implemented and fully unit-tested two Doctrine ORM specific transformers that do Collection to String/Choice Transformations
  • ec3b3f7: added and tested EntityToIDTransformer to transform Many-To-One and One-To-One entities into their identifier values
  • db3476a: [WebProfilerBundle] simplified DIC extension
  • bf1eb56: [EventDispatched] event doesn't need to implement ArrayAccess
  • d8f4cb7: [Form] turned FieldGroup::getFields() into 4 specialized methods for more flexibility
  • fafcd02: [HttpFoundation] changed RequestMatcher pattern syntax
  • 7ad510d: added --symlink option to assets:install command
  • aa1cb87: [FrameworkBundle] clarified exception message in InitBundleCommand.php
  • ade5fd6: fixed the bug of request_panel.php in WebProfiler
  • f667b69: [TwigBundle] added a template block to render CollectionField fields
  • 1fab031: added missing EntityToIDTransformer files
  • e1be4e9: [Form] refactored logic to read and set values from Field to PropertyPath
  • a66d883: [Form] removed CSRF setters because they have no effect once CSRF protection is enabled. Re-enable CSRF protection with the desired values instead
  • 2a9ddee: [HttpFoundation] added Session::invalidate()
  • 30cf086: overrides the default {% include %} token parser since it loads through the right template renderer
  • d376596: [EventDispatcher] fixed bug in EventDispatcher::disconnect if the second argument is null or ommitted
  • df9ef79: [Form] readPropertyPath should return null instead of empty array
  • 7e66933: fixed inconsistency when calling the Http Kernel instance from an event

New job postings

New plugins

  • themeBlueprint: Blueprint CSS Grid Framework theme under symfony sfThemePlugin, is based on Blueprint CSS Grid Framework.
  • sfDoctrineNestedSetEasyManager: Plugin to manage nested set models using Doctrine. Inspired by sfDoctrineNestedSetManagerPlugin.
  • euzeoCDN: this plugin adds a helper for parallel content delivery.
  • sfHostAwareRouting: add subdomains to your routing rules.
  • tmcContact: plugin to send e-mail after submitting a contact form.
  • tmcI18n: replaces the XLIFF files with a MySQL backend. Depends on doctrine.
  • sfHttpHeaderCache: provides a means to facilitate caching by reverse proxies like nginx or Varnish, using cache.yml for configuration, as well as using an alternative cache (like sfApcCache or sfMemcacheCache) for partials.
  • xwsWidgets: adds some jQuery UI powered widgets.
  • sfAltCaptcha: easily protects your forms with different kind of captchas (random code, math captcha).

Updated plugins

  • sfDatagrid:
    • added order_by_for_filters option for propel admin generator
    • added lcfirst definition for no php5.3 and Jquery
    • updated formatter propel for non automatic phpName FK tables
    • fixed XHTML formatter
    • include is model generator for more options
    • added modal thickbox formatter
    • prepare a new show action for generator
  • sfSocial:
    • moved Propel classes to plugin classes
    • fixed javascript bug in message
    • improved Doctrine schema and classes
    • improved Propel schema
    • added some translations
    • fixed regression after Doctrine schema change
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • avoid of use sfContext inside helper
    • rewriting helper to Symfony Conventions
    • resigning from not needed rewrite rule
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • fixed generated route problem
    • removed catchall route
    • fixed bug with form validator options generation
    • fixed bug with routing for export action link
    • added checkcolumn plugin by default for boolean fields
    • fixed a problem with combo validators when using combo for local columns
    • fixed routing problem for formpanel combos
    • fixed a bug with list.sort configuration
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • check for existance of hasAccess method on sfGuardUser before calling it
    • added auto-hiding of deleted_at
  • sfDoctrineRestGenerator:
    • fixed bug on many to many relations loading
    • fixed a bug in n-n relation display
  • ddOnlineStore:
    • created a gallery for the product images using Sortable and JCroppeable behaviors
    • created the ddOnlineStoreProduct module
    • added the capacity field in product
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • updated the getPopulars method to take a limit parameter so I can easily ask for less tags where appropriate
    • fixed wrong encoding when charset of site is not UTF-8
    • changed 'tagsLabel' to 'tags-label'
    • added a preference for an allTags array if it is present (over the ajax typeahead)
    • provided some default error-checking for empty arrays
    • eliminated the need to provide an array of existing tags
    • added the commit-event option
  • sfErrorNotifier:
    • added a new report404 option to specifically target 404 errors
    • fixed a bug when page_not_found event was fired a PHP error was fired
  • sfDoctrineGuard:
    • documented migration procedure from 4.0.0 to 5.0.0
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • show context where re-implemented accepting a layout and the possibility of using partials
    • added support for actions above the form and above the list. The paginator also can be put before the list
    • updated show context templates
    • added support for canNew conditions
    • updated readme
  • sfExtjs3:
    • switched external definition to Extjs 3.3.0 tag
  • apostropheBlog:
    • timepicker2() is now part of timepicker.js. The widget has been updated to call the timepicker2 function with some good default options
    • all IDs and foreign key IDs use Doctrine's default integer size now
    • fixed a bug with disqus comments
    • fixed bug that required two saves before title of a blog post or event was saved
  • apostrophe:
    • started debugging media in ie7
    • enabled the 'Add' functionality for multiple select for media
    • apostrophe:import-files is alive again
    • limited Popular Tags to 10
    • fixed a bug with the Multiple Select markup for a-btns
    • styled the media edit for some more
    • no more hardcoded 4-byte integer IDs for tables
    • apostrophe:migrate now converts your existing database from 4-byte IDs to Doctrine's new 8-byte IDs for compatibility with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
    • apostrophe:migrate also stubs in unique (although not usable) email addresses
    • addressed case changes in relation names
    • added first name and last name to users list view
    • added email address, first name, last name to users edit form
    • removed space-wasting 'updated_at' field from list views
    • changed language for saving selections so that it doesn't always say slideshow
    • styled the create page form so simplify the process
    • made the radioToggleButton into an a.js function
    • updated search success to display the number of results
    • slideshow slot and new smart slideshow slot have been disentangled
    • you can now template out the global buttons in the admin bar. The new aTools::getGlobalButtonsByName() method makes it easy to fetch the possibilities in a ready-to-go form
    • added tag admin to standard list of buttons

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