A week of symfony #200 (25->31 October 2010)

This week the Output Escaper component was heavily refactored and the Propel bundle was transformed into an independent bundle. In addition, the Symfony2 HTTP cache documentation was published.

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symfony 1 development highlights


  • r31247: [1.3, 1.4] fixed mbstring problem in sfFilesystem
  • r31248: [1.3, 1.4] fixed sfI18nModuleExtract.class.php always assumes a file based message source
  • r31250: [1.3, 1.4] added some missing information in the WDT
  • r31253, r31254: [1.3, 1.4] fixed WDT injection


  • r31249: [1.3, 1.4] fixed memory leak in Swift_DoctrineSpool

Activity summary: 58 changesets, 13 bugs reported, 15 bugs fixed, 3 enhancements closed, 5 documentation defects reported, 1 documentation defect fixed, and 11 documentation edits

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 6885f90: [HttpKernel\Security] fixed use statement and updated parameters constructor
  • 3463f47: applied base64 encoding directly to the binary data instead of their hexadecimal representation
  • 1d5ca49: [FrameworkBundle] refactored ide setting configuration
  • e111652: [WebProfiler] fixed WDT display
  • c065be8: [OutputEscaper] refactored the component
  • e23c3cc: [OutputEscaper] made getEscaper*() methods more consistent with the way you can change the escaping strategy in __call()
  • c448429: [HttpFoundation] fixed date format for HTTP headers (format must be RFC1123, not RFC2822)
  • 7e6bdde: [TwigBundle] moved Form extension initialization as late as possible (it's better for performance)
  • 2b613f3: [FrameworkBundle] removed the need for decorating with SafeDecorator
  • 3eee458: [OutputEscaper] replaced the JS escaper with the one from Twig
  • 13f36b1: Removed logic that tried to avoid double-escaping
  • 88d30f0, b9f33a6: removed Propel bundle (it has been moved as an independant bundle)

New developers for hire

  • Wojtek Orzech ([email protected]): 26 years old PHP developer with almost 4 years of professional experience. Zend PHP5 certified engineer. I have been using Symfony for two years. I'm located in Cracow, Poland.

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfDoctrineGuard:
    • updated french translations
    • fixed setupInheritance access
    • begin to merge sfDoctrineGuardExtraPlugin into sfDoctrineGuardPlugin
    • added more translations
    • use mailer compose function
    • added username or email validator to password forgot
    • removed flash translation in action you can do it in the template my mistake
    • moved mailer call into function
    • moved query into table class
    • fixed mail function
    • fixed password change function
    • add config param app_sf_guard_plugin_password_change_url and simplified code
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added the change for credentials widget
    • added partial widget
    • updated README
    • added jquery ajax dependence
    • added the select jquery autocomplete widget
    • updated JavaScript
  • sfTangoIcons:
    • fixed function name
    • updated documentation
    • added new helper functions
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • updated DateTimeField widget for edit panels to enable a time field
    • fixed a bug where the generator wasn't passing the form and filter generators a dbMap
    • fixed a bug with mulitple panels batch_actions combo having the same id
    • fixed regression with foreign filter date widgets
    • added new Plain textfield widget and associated ux
    • switched formpanel to used edit configuration
    • renamed fieldset config from params_ to config_ for consistancy
  • sfThrift:
    • updated directory structure
    • updated documentation
    • added Thrift protocol factory
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • created a Taggable widget that extends the sfWidgetFormInput class
  • sfPHPUnit2:
    • added task for compiling plugin core classes for external plugin usage
    • integrated lime lib to compiled file
  • sfAssetsLibrary:
    • fixed pdf thumbnail generation
  • sfGrid:
    • added support to custom columns (data is obtainded from invoking methods for the current object-row)
  • sfAlyssaJqGrid:
    • added support for custom columns
  • apostrophe:
    • you can now put :sf_culture in the a_page route if you wish
    • initial version of apostrophe site importer
    • changed image_tag() to url_for() because you can't use image_tag() inside of an input element
    • aImporter now supports loading of richText and foreignHtml
    • Fixed a lot of search stuff, providing the underpinnings for several bug reports
    • put a mute on aZendSearch
    • there is now blog search in the blog sidebar, which is aware of both publication dates and the category restrictions of the blog engine page you are searching on
    • aMultipleSelect now has an "autocomplete" option
    • changed the cancel helper
    • menuToggle needs to accept functions for before and after open and closing
    • minifier now inserts a newline after each .js file minified
    • created a Taggable widget that extends the sfWidgetFormInput class
    • button slots accept an option for image
    • removed pages fixtures from the plugin
    • added a Focus parameter to the menuToggle so you can focus something after it opens
    • added a persistentLabel parameter to apostrophe.selfLabel so you can choose whether or not the label persists on focus
    • styled the New Post / New Event modal forms
    • refactored the enhanced media pager stuff out of indexSuccess
    • added blog slot stuff to a-area-slots.css
    • styled blog post pager to be visually consistent with media pager
    • fixed bug that was showing esc_raw in the search box
    • updated the aAdmin generator theme to more closely resemble the aBlogAdmin theme
  • apostropheBlog:
    • the event form now has an 'all day' check box which toggles event time
    • the onChange autosave has been replaced by a setInterval autosave
    • save button has been added to the top of the form
    • the new post / event buttons now use the menuToggle like all of the other menus in apostrophe
    • on initial save, don't override published_at if it has already been specified
    • don't try to setTitle on the page object until it has been saved
    • removed stray references to the catTag area
    • added apostrophe-blog:generate-test-posts task, which creates 100 posts with random titles and text
    • implemented 20/50/100 pager

New symfony powered websites

  • MyBestApulia: (English, Italian) Online hotel booking and tourist info in Apulia (or Puglia), Italy
  • MyBestTrentino: (English, Italian) Online hotel booking and tourist info in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

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A week of symfony #200 (25->31 October 2010) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-200-25-31-october-2010

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