A week of symfony #203 (15->21 November 2010)

Symfony2 development activity got a big boost this week. Firstly, Bernhard Schussek announced that he will be again in charge of the form and validation components, which will be finished by the end of the year. Secondly, Fabien initiated two interesting discussions in the developers mailing list: removing the output escaper component and using templates for routing patterns. Lastly, the weekly IRC meeting generated some exciting discussions, ideas, best practices and updates about Symfony2 development status.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


  • r31398: [1.3, 1.4] fixed typo in sfRoute class
  • r31399, r31400: [1.3, 1.4] fixed sfViewCacheManager returns incorrect cached http_protocol


  • r31401: [1.3, 1.4] updated translation for es

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 8b9e979: [FrameworkBundle] changed configuration to always include the session service
  • f6ddeeb: [HttpFoundation] added Response::setPublic() and changed setPrivate() to not take any argument
  • 942104a, 7257571: [HttpFoundation] added a setCache() method to ease setting the HTTP cache headers in one simple call
  • 4aa5ef6, 6f898a5: [HttpKernel] made some tests more robust
  • 35148c5: [FrameworkBundle] added routing internationalization
  • 3813eec, 519cc09: [Translation] added YamlFileLoader
  • 9ab33e4: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added registration of event listeners and subscribers via service container tags
  • da18873: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added support for multiple event managers to the DIC extension
  • b932441: [DoctrineMongoDBBundle] added ability to register global listeners and subscribers via the DIC
  • 58a240b: [HttpFoundation] allowed the SERVER_PORT key of the server ParameterBag in Request to be a string value without confusing Request::getHttpHost()
  • 92f3d9e: [DependencyInjection] removed the leading _ for anonymous service ids (the usage of strtr() in the conversion between ids and methods does not take leading _ into account like camelize() does)
  • 53dd4e3: [DependencyInjection] changed the YAML notation for optional services from @@ to @?
  • f6cc63c: removed ArrayAccess interface for Container and Controller
  • d45954a: [Form, TwigBundle] made sure all field types are rendered with the proper template
  • 4e5c99d: [EventDispatcher] removed the possibility to remove one listener for an event
  • 3cbc99c: [Translation] added flatten method on ArrayLoader. This allows the translations to be deeply nested arrays that will be flattened, allowing for namespacing of translations easily
  • 5aeb358: [Validator] made the namespace prefix for annotations configurable
  • 23ac47e: [Form] added support for __get and __set in PropertyPath
  • 0bdb271: [Form] added parent calls to all configure() methods of Fields and Transformers
  • 3127312: [Form] added option 'value_transformer' and 'normalization_transformer' to Field class


New job postings

  • Symfony + PHP Developer at ProductReview.com.au - full-time based in Sydney, Australia - Contact: [email protected]
  • Symfony / PHP Developer at creative-task - freelance at our office in Darmstadt or Hamburg, Germany - Contact: info [at] creative-task [dot] de

New plugins

  • majaxDoctrineMedia: a media system for video/audio/photo management within symfony.
  • majaxJquery: an up to date jQuery and jQuery UI Plugin.
  • sfResque: a simple wrapper for php-resque to use symfony's configuration.
  • sfWdCalendar: support for wdCalendar in symfony.
  • sfDoctrineRestBasic: a very basic, but fully extendable REST webservice generator (includes output serialization, jsonp tunneling, and hooks to check for api keys).

Updated plugins

  • sfThrift:
    • updated documentation
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • delete action does not throw an exception if the element can't be deleted now
    • updated _flashes.php partial (it now uses the i18nCatalogue instead of sf_admin)
  • sfAdminDash:
    • installed the backend application
    • added the user manage module in the backend
  • sfPostgresDoctrine:
    • added ability to use custom table class for all Doctrine_Table objects
  • sfPropel15:
    • updated Propel vendor to the 1.5 branch
    • changed propel external to 1.5.5 tag
  • sfDoctrinePoll:
    • cleaned up the schema a bit and removing the package information which is no longer needed
    • added a plugin configuration file
    • added the generated form and filter classes which are now standard
    • fixed the routing for symfony 1.2+
    • renamed sfPoll to sfPollQuestion since it makes much more sense
    • added a new "Poll" to the model. This allows for having multiple polls and have the questions associated with a poll
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • changed foreign fields combos to not have remote stores
  • sfPropelMigrationsLight:
    • changed xml to include support for SF 1.4
    • updated the migrate task to allow the application param to be optional (defaults to frontend)
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • removed unnecessary rtrim call
    • added some performance tweaks
    • fixed some small toolkit bugs
    • added tests for TaggableToolkit
  • sfFilesystemFixtures:
    • moved functionality to dedicated class
    • added load task
    • use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant
    • added method and task to clean existing fixtures
    • better parameter specification
  • sfEnvironmentFixtures:
    • use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant
    • corrected installation instructions
  • sfGoogleAnalytics:
    • merged work from github
  • sfFeed2:
    • fixed validator.w3c.org/feed warning about atom:link rel="self" element
  • apostrophe:
    • tweaked script tags to validate for the xhtml 1.0 strict doctype
    • updated the form formatting to output a class "has-errors" on the a-form-row div of the field with errors
    • created a new formFormatter for the page settings engine forms
    • moved aTools::strtolower to aString::strtolower and added aString::substr and aString::strlen
    • removed references to the blog plugin from the sample templates in apostrophePlugin
    • fixed bug with radioToggle where it would output many times
    • commented out an apostropheLog for something in aControls
  • apostropheBlog:
    • fixed misnamed query alias in blog rss action
    • switched the form formatter for the engine page settings forms

New symfony powered websites

  • Calciomercato.com: (English, Italian) Since 1996, Italy's !#1 source for all Italian football fans, football journalists and professionals because of its recognized qualities
  • www.widge.de: (Deutsch) German finance and insurance news and information website

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A week of symfony #203 (15->21 November 2010) symfony.com/blog/a-week-of-symfony-203-15-21-november-2010

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