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A week of symfony #206 (6->12 December 2010)

This week, the definitive schedule for Symfony Live 2011 conferences was published. Meanwhile, Symfony2 development activity focused on small tweaks and code refactoring.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 978a14c: [FrameworkBundle] made firewall authentication listeners configurable
  • db0ddb6: [FrameworkBundle] added a new template tag to allow security authentication listeners to provide templates
  • 7c47fd7: fixed DoctrineMongoDBBundle to work with recent changes to Doctrine MongoDB ODM
  • 714c294, 87aeb0e: [DoctrineBundle] added tags to entity and document manager services
  • 0b26be1, 53c1f1f: [DoctrineBundle] fixed issues with Memcache
  • 3e02eaf: fixed visibility of PHPUnit setUp and tearDown methods
  • a832885: [HttpFoundation] fixed default netmask to be restricted to one IP
  • e867274: [HttpFoundation] allowed any HTTP method for a Request
  • beecd1f: [HttpKernel] log query string as well as path in Cache debug headers
  • fb41389: [HttpFoundation] fixed Request::create handling of full URIs
  • 70a793b: [DoctrineBundle] made the proxy dir configurable
  • 50cfd4a: [FrameworkBundle] create the bundles directory before trying to symlink else it will throw an error
  • eef6578: fixes bugs due to not disconnected listeners
  • b171ab9: added renderer for PasswordField
  • d94420f: logout refactoring
  • 2ff474f, 7eea488: [HttpKernel, FrameworkBundle] renamed BaseHttpKernel to HttpKernel. The original HttpKernel class can be deleted, as its request-stashing will be moved to the Kernel class
  • 5da423b: [HttpKernel] added getRequest() to HttpKernelInterface
  • be94dab: [HttpKernel] reworked the HttpException class constructor to be more consistent with normal OO classes
  • 1317760: removed ForbiddenHttpException (both HttpKernel and Security define a 403 exception)
  • 55bed30: removed HttpException base class, refactored FlattenException class
  • c8c9fba: [Routing] added optional "type" param for loader hinting when resource strings are ambiguous


New job postings

  • PHP developer with Symfony/MVC Framework experience at White October - full-time based in Oxford, United Kingdom - Contact: info [at] whiteoctober [dot] co [dot] uk

New developers for hire

  • Bonjour TIC: is a French web agency based in Toulouse. We provide websites designed with Symfony. Quality, innovation, AJAX, accessibility, SEO and perpetual technology scouting are our assets.

New plugins

  • sfDoctrineMysqlSafeMigrate: eases the usage of Doctrine migrations with MySQL database by adding the ability to roll back on an error.
  • sfAjaxFormValidation: adds ajax validation to sfForms by theirs validators. The plugin requires jQuery.
  • sfLinkedIn: allows websites to use linkedIn oAuth API to login their user.
  • apostropheFeedback: adds a quick and easy feedback form to your projects that works with the sfCaptchaGDPlugin.
  • pmPDFKit: is a jdpace's PDFKit library for Ruby (and Ruby on Rails) clone. It allows you to export any page as PDF only adding the pdf format to the request.
  • lookupWidget: provides a widget that allows to select entity values from a modal box instead of big select elements.
  • sfAntiBruteForce: allows you to easily add an anti brute-force attack security to your symfony application.

Updated plugins

  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added a changed event so it can update another widgets
  • ExtjsGenerator:
    • consistancy fixes for form and filter combo behavior
    • IE fix for twintrigger fields when used as a grid editor
  • sfPostgresDoctrine:
    • updated README
  • sfGuardExtra:
    • fixed missing space in email
    • added control if email field is not set
  • jlGMapSlot:
    • fixed compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 6 (causing Operation Aborted error)
    • updated javascript to be more robust re-order of execution
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • removed memory leak by mass import
    • updated README
  • apostrophe:
    • the title and label options are now passed through to simpleEditButton
    • slug validator now allows the slug to just be '/' (in its entirety) if allowSlashes is true
    • allow the homepage slug as a valid slug when slashes are permitted, don't strip
    • cleared permissions properly before saving the new permissions, otherwise the deleted permissions hang around
    • integrated the lessc PHP LESS CSS compiler into Apostrophe (just add .less files to view.yml and/or with addStylesheet calls)
    • namespaced the aClickOnce function in a.js
    • fixed a typo that broke relative URLs in CSS files with the minifier turned on
    • added a getBasicHtml() method to the aSlot class, which returns getText in its default implementation
    • RSS feeds for blog and events now use getBasicHtml() rather than getText()
    • added $page->getAreaText() and $page->getAreaBasicHtml() to facilitate access to these
    • added aHtml::limitBytes, a rough and ready way to limit the size of an HTML text in bytes
    • aHtml::toPlaintext converts entities to plaintext without having to remember UTF-8 flags
    • all groups are candidates to receive view permissions, don't check for membership in the editor group when checking view permissions
  • apostropheBlog:
    • updated the blog and events modules to share a single Add This! partial
    • created a Tags partial and moved it into the post templates from _post.php
    • events now have an Add to Google Calendar link, which needs styling
    • the starting and ending date and time are now rendered appropriately in all situations
    • RSS feeds (for both events and slots) now include a correct pubdate (matching published_at)
    • RSS feeds now include basic HTML, since most readers will render it
    • added a location field to events. The location field is displayed by the meta partial, showing just the first line, with the rest visible as the title on hover

New symfony powered websites

  • (Slovak) Oriental dance group from Trencin, Slovakia
  • (Slovak) Taoist Tai Chi Society Slovakia
  • (Portuguese) An online travel agency that offers hotels, car rentals and travel insurance

New symfony bloggers

They talked about us

Help the Symfony project!

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A week of symfony #206 (6->12 December 2010)

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