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A week of symfony #208 (20->26 December 2010)

Form and Validation components were heavily updated this week, including the refactorization of code to a new Locale component and the implementation of new fields and constraints. In addition, Doctrine project published the first stable release of Doctrine 2.0.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 242be93: [Form] added proper error handling to FileField
  • b8ef7e7: [Form] improved semantics of property paths and removed FieldGroup::merge() for now
  • 7c557d0: [Form] made $data and $validator parameter in the constructor optional
  • 78b6987: [Form] locale can now only be set statically before creating a form/field, otherwise we have too many problems updating a field's state when the locale is changed
  • 9db7db4: [Form] implemented CountryField
  • 93d3716: [Form] implemented LanguageField
  • fdb7f84: [Locale, Form, Validator] refactored code to new Locale component, implemented Country constraint
  • 993257a: [Validator] implemented Language constraint
  • a059ec8: [Validator] implemented Image constraint
  • 4f46235: [HttpFoundation] send proper charset along with the default text/html header
  • cd64046: [Form] changed semantics of "always_empty" option in PasswordField
  • df6ffbb: removed user provider name
  • b57411b: renamed reloadUserByAccount() to loadUserByAccount()
  • faac8e6: [TwigBundle] replaced the ifrole tag with a has_role function
  • d935df0: [TwigBundle] removed unused tag and contenttag Twig tags
  • 5d65f3e: [TwigBundle] converted path and url tags to functions
  • d87c3c5: [FrameworkBundle] added config keys for PdoSessionStorage
  • 5e94807: speed up url matching for route without variable
  • a2105d4: slight compiler refactoring
  • 094d428, 3d9b13f: unified equality comparisons, put var on the right side
  • c54f6d8: fixed DoctrineMongoDBBundle to work with latest version of Doctrine
  • 03d25cc: refactored creation of access decision manager to make use of newly added compiler passes
  • 32aef96: [Routing] removed call to setDefaultAnnotationNamespace() so this can be configure on the injected reader
  • 763ef35: [Routing] . added creation of a file resource in annotations loader


New job postings

New plugins

  • rsGitExternals: manage git repositories within your symfony project. provides a simple task to handle gits.
  • mpRealityAdmin: provides a new admin generator theme with some additions.

Updated plugins

  • sfRADIUSAuth:
    • committed initial version of the plugin
    • RADIUS auth via MSCHAPv2 is working
  • sfProjectAnalyser:
    • added an global option 'plugin_assets_path' to set the path of the plugin's assets (for custom project directory)
    • fixed typos
    • added a threshold for symfony extended class in order to avoid displaying all classes of a type (mainly for model classes)
    • moved the 'plugin_assets_path' to the config plugin section
    • implemented a return code for the main task so it can be used by a CI tool
    • fixed the class grouping algorithm
    • added a config option 'output' that allows to render the output as XML instead of HTML
    • added alert for $this->executeXXX code at action level
  • sfDoctrineActAsTaggable:
    • tag markup and css cleanup for consistency between tag sidebars and tag widgets
  • sfGuardExtra:
    • added opportunity to choose new password on reset
    • improved reset password form
  • sfFormButtons:
    • updated helper to use jQuery helper for remote javascript functions
    • added sfJqueryReloadedPlugin as required dependency
    • increased package and API versions to reflect new dependencies and internal usage of jQueryHelper
    • added new functions to readme
  • sfJqueryReloaded:
    • added Option to control caching of ajax requests
    • added 'stop_propagation' option for jq_remote_function, preventing events from bubbling
  • idlErrorManagement:
    • added a new app.yml option to easily disable the recording
    • added a new method tryToLogError, that's try to log with symfony logger
    • fixed permissions on cache directories creation
    • removed try/catch in the plugin configuration section
    • fixed a bug in comment error action, prevent querying doctrine with invalid errorId

New symfony powered websites

  • RE/MAX Paraíso: (Deutsch, English, Spanish, Dutch) Portal inmobiliario multiidioma

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A week of symfony #208 (20->26 December 2010)

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