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A week of symfony #228 (9->15 May 2011)

This week, Symfony2 reintroduced parameters in the DIC of several bundles, error page template customization was greatly simplified and Assetic introduced configuration for automatically apply filters to assets based on path. Meanwhile, Symfony2 doc team continued their impressive work with the complete overhaul of the Security component documentation.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 0ed6d04, c90c794: [MonologBundle] moved the handlers to the Bridge namespace
  • f78be41, 520941d: [AsseticBundle] updated dump command to dump leaf assets per debug mode
  • 01a1049, 3ecc960, 24dcfef, 1f8defa, 89e056b, e6a0248: [Serializer] implement SerializerAwareInterface
  • a4a40f5: [MonologBundle] moved default values to the Configuration class
  • d8e6ab7: [MonologBundle] added the support of SwiftMailerHandler and NativeMailerHandler
  • ad41d21: [FrameworkBundle] added errormessage for windows in AssetsInstallCommand
  • f8447aa: [Serializer] NormalizableInterface now takes a Serializer and make sure the format is always optional
  • e1c5276: [Finder] refactored SortableIterator
  • 05e75e2: [Finder] made the Custom filter accept all PHP callbacks
  • 9844685: [HttpKernel] tweaked the default ESI cache strategy
  • 3854d34: [DoctrineBundle] fixed doctrine:generate:entity command when the entity to generate has sub-namespaces
  • 99c6713: [Serializer] split decoder/encoder maps
  • 89f60e0, 411659b, 9408ab3: [HttpFoundation] removed getDeep(), added a boolean flag to get() instead
  • d96e2c5: [Validator] added support for Closure in CallbackValidator
  • 7f95ea6: [FrameworkBundle] validator messages: added Czech translation
  • aa71d16: [Form] made TimezoneChoiceList implement ChoiceListInterface rather than extend ArrayChoiceList
  • dac798c: [Form] catch exceptions in DataTransformers
  • 2e68801: [Form] added argument type checking in BaseDateTimeTransformer
  • 40795fc: [MonologBundle] added support for GroupHandler
  • 514b47c: [FrameworkBundle] added a simple way to customize errors according to the HTTP status code
  • 0bad012: [FrameworkBundle] changed template string by TemplateReference instances in ExceptionController
  • 20c77ac, b8f57c4, d6d3516: [MonologBundle] added missing MailHandler and GroupHandler schema definitions
  • 0a3ff1c: [HttpKernel] fixed default ESI cache strategy when the page does not contain ESIs
  • 08846af: [HttpFoundation] moved the PUT magic dance in createFromGlobals()
  • 8f426c0: [HttpKernel] added an exception handler to be used during boot time
  • 0758033, 36d60a4: [HttpKernel] changed ExceptionHandler to be more like ErrorHandler
  • 0de8a55, 05a946b, f7aea2a, 4525eb9, 8dbccc7: re-introduced parameters in the DIC of SecurityBundle, DoctrineBundle, FrameworkBundle, AsseticBundle, WebProfilerBundle for better overridability
  • faab5e4: [HttpKernel] moved the creation of logs/ and cache/ ealier to be sure that directories exist when extensions want to write something into them
  • 21013b9: [Form] improved test coverage of FormFactory and improved error handling
  • da28f8e, 7570e04: [Form] added FormTypeInterface::getAllowedOptionValues() to better validate passed options
  • b173884: [AsseticBundle] updated for changes in Assetic
  • 7f7ea42: [AsseticBundle] added setting asset root when using bundle notation
  • 4ae40f1, c0dcb7c: [AsseticBundle] added configuration for automatically apply filters to assets based on target path
  • dcb4ef6, e81b88c, 11fa8d8: [HttpFoundation] added Request::__toString() and HeaderBag::__toString()

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfSmartContext:
    • disabled filters for XHR
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • fixed decorators
    • fixed the configuration of show fields in the generator.yml
  • sfProjectAnalyser:
    • fixed bug when having a module extending a base actions class but not overriding all its methods
    • prepared the 1.0.3 version
  • ysfAPIClient:
    • ensured that each response is using the correct server format option
  • sdInteractiveChart:
    • fixed bug with the detection of https
    • improved naming of JS chart data functions
    • minor refactoring of BaseChart code
  • apostrophe:
    • deprecated pretty URLs for media tags (existing pretty URLs still work)
    • added the option to disable sort arrows for an area
    • you can now inject a different less compiler class (usually a subclass) via app.yml
    • cleaned up the delete button in the Reorganize tool
    • you can now delete / edit / delete singletonSlots without having to refresh the page
    • fixed issue with multiple upload and the menu toggle
    • fixed the constraints in the aImageSlot
    • apostrophe.formUpdates now posts an a.update event to all elements with the a-needs-update class, just like a slot does when it's about to save
    • started the refactoring of our asset code out of aHelper and into aAssets where it can be reused and overridden for various purposes
    • created LESS files for every stylesheet, still need to convert engines, admin, and area-slots
  • apostropheBlog:
    • use array hydration, and hydrate only the event table itself (none of the joins), when building calendars

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The link to sfDoctrineActAsMaterializedPath is broken.
r2d2, you're right. Thanks for noticing it!

The proper URL is
Huh, on April's 29 there was a release of BETA1 with an announcement of weekly releases. Since then almost three weeks passed and we have no BETA2... You should put more effort on this aspect and either don't announce unmaintanable schedule or put more informations about the schedule. For example I really would like to know what are (were) the milestones to reach while passing from BETA1 to BETA2 and which of them are now reached?
I understand that there are many issues reported and many minor fixes but I hope that trere are some main milestones...? Are they?
I actually use Doctrine 2 in some of my projects and a I found several bugs (in 2.0.5)
Symfony uses Doctrine 2, right ? Does it inherit of them ?

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