A week of symfony #230 (23->29 May 2011)

It took more time than expected, but this week Symfony2 released two new beta versions. Beta2 was a huge leap from beta1 and beta3 fixed lots of bugs. This frantic development activity was possible thanks to the ever-growing list of Symfony2 contributors. The documentation team also worked hard this week to keep up synced with Symfony2 development.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 2cecc95: [BrowserKit] dealing with raw value for cookies
  • 7ab3fde: [Finder] added a way to ignore all 'hidden' files
  • e9548dc: [Assetic] added call to setOptimize in config for assetic filter jpegtran
  • de61474: moved vendors.sh to PHP
  • 15bede5: [Console] refactored style management (the current code was broken when a style was defined inline)
  • b6ce137: [DependencyInjection] create inlined private service from it's definition
  • 3cdf371: [TwigBundle] moved the {% render ... %} node to a dedicated extension and removed service container
  • 73bd9c7: [TwigBundle] changed the dependency of ActionsExtension to the actions helper
  • f83c137: [TwigBundle] moved the code filters to a dedicated extensions
  • f13798f: [TwigBundle] renamed TemplatingExtension to AssetsExtension (reverted)
  • dfdd26d: [TwigBundle] moved all class names to parameters of DIC
  • 1744c86: added calling methods for options to assetic filter configs
  • afe6005: [SecurityBundle] using a DelegatingLoader so that security factories can be in any config format
  • aa356e7: [BrowserKit] fixed cookie management (see RFC 2109)
  • 6c409ca: [DependencyInjection] refactored parameter bag parameter replacements (removed duplicated code)
  • 456eb53: [DependencyInjection] renamed CircularReferenceException to ServiceCircularReferenceException
  • 6504797, 512eb53, 946f68e: [DoctrineBundle] added 'force' and 'annotate' options to generate:entities and mapping:import Doctrine commands
  • 2438a73: [DependencyInjection] added a check for circular references in parameter definitions
  • 3ea2a32: [Validator] refactored validators constraints: removed the need for defining getTargets(), replaced abstract Constraint::getTargets() with one that use 95% of validators, removed unused 'use' statement in Constraint\Valid and added additional tests
  • dcd490e: [Twig] added a way to use % in a trans string
  • 08e7629: [DomCrawler] uppercase http methods
  • f019541: fixed broken logic in Request::getHttpHost(). It was ignoring HTTP_HOST completely
  • 3c372d3: [BrowserKit] fixed explicit cookie params being overriden by url
  • 3bdb7c2: [DependencyInjection] fixed regression when a parameter contains an escaped %
  • a046259: [DoctrineBundle] extracted code from Doctrine commands
  • 5ed136b: [SwiftMailer] optimized configuration: removed the requirement of the init.php file when getting the Swift_Mailer object and changed the data collector to avoid loading Swiftmailer when no email has been send
  • 1ca4dca: [SecurityBundle] bootstrapped functional test suite
  • fb9d951: fixed EntityChoiceList to support grouped entities
  • a0397f9: [DependencyInjection] fixed bug where anonymous services from two different xml-files (with the same basename) could collide
  • 4f0214e: [Routing] fixed a bug where the current directory was set too late in the PhpFileLoader
  • 15c5d61: use an alias of translator.real instead of copying the definition

New plugins

  • sfFileManager: provides a simple way to upload/manage files using a widget called sfWidgetFileGaleryHandler to open the file gallery in a facebox popup.
  • sfDoctrineActAsActivable: allows use of the doctrine behavior actAsActivable. This behavior provides methods on your model for setting "is active"/"is not active" state to doctrine records. This plugin allow cascade activate/desactivate between doctrine relation.
  • phantomQunit: allows user to write javascript tests for that can be run from the shell using phantomjs (http://www.phantomjs.org/) via symfony tasks.

Updated plugins

  • cpDatePicker:
    • fixed widget assets
  • cpJwysiwyg:
    • fixed widget assets
  • cpDataTables:
    • added language files
  • sfDoctrineActAsSignable:
    • initial Signable values saved
  • sfPropelSqlDiff:
    • fixed sql error 121
  • apostrophe:
    • added a-asset-path to helpers css to allow for sites with different structures
    • some light linting for a.js
    • updated the form formatter to extra the ID from the field and slugify it
    • slight adjustment to the naming of the form-rows
    • aMysql can be created with an existing PDO handle
    • moved clearfix to a-helpers as a variable and re-declare it in a-utility as a class for the variable
    • added an app.yml toggle for LESS to force it to recompile every refresh
    • cleaned up the method used to apply the form input id onto the form row
    • handle database exceptions in aRouteTools::removePageFromUrl as a nonfatal error to allow apostrophe:migrate to progress

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