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A week of symfony #231 (30 May -> 5 June 2011)

Symfony2 codebase is almost completed, so this week the development activity focused on moving, renaming, refactoring and tweaking code, mostly on Routing and Event components. DoctrineBundle was also updated, including some new convenient shortcuts and a brand-new Doctrine chapter for the official book.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • c171142: renamed event constants to upper cased
  • 9b7e14d, 79e709c: [Form] converted code to the new event dispatcher
  • d7220f0: [Security] fixed event names
  • 9698669: renamed RequestAttributeInitializingListener to RouterListener and SessionInitializingListener to SessionListener
  • 4f7484b: [HttpFoundation] moved dir creation just before writing to disk
  • a2163f3: [EventDispatcher] re-added the cache layer
  • b61929b: [Form] fixed the variable stack should not persist between section rendering
  • 9883559: refactored Profiler class
  • d1ca577: removed Logger::getDebugLogger() as the method is not part of any interface
  • 3ca5780: [HttpKernel] added a NullLogger
  • 28527c7, 7d999ac: renamed some UniversalClassLoader for better consistency
  • 839c332: moved all listener classes under a common EventListener sub-namespace
  • ed4f659: [SwiftmailerBundle] added ImpersonateSenderPlugin
  • af84cfe: [DoctrineBundle] fixed doctrine:generate:entity
  • 2642b00, d9f5c99: [Templating] reworked asset helper and packages. Added support for a configurable format string used to apply version to a path (defaults to '%s?%s')
  • cb22ccc: [Form] added missing feature for adding attributes to an field label
  • 3e68eb6: [AsseticBundle] added support for parameter replacement in asset inputs
  • 3d532f8: [FrameworkBundle] renamed getProfiler to getProfile (as the method now returns a Profile instance)
  • 1452164: [AsseticBundle] added the missing cssmin filter service's schema
  • d2fa6c3, 9ad3185: [SecurityBundle] added user_providers option for remember_me
  • 6f8871d: [SecurityBundle] added validation for check paths
  • 597a646: added mb_detect_encoding when formatting block (useful when mb_internal_encoding is not properly set)
  • 28dcb3c, 1ac4675, 172c956: [FrameworkBundle, DoctrineBundle] added a few shortcut methods: Controller::getDoctrine() and Registry::getRepository()
  • df81296: [Routing] fixed generation when a default value is null
  • 611a4a2: [FrameworkBundle] allowed a service to register a kernel listener more than once for a given event
  • c62b230: [FrameworkBundle] fixed WDT for redirects emitted by the Security component
  • 7780c4d: [HttpKernel] removed Response content when Request method is HEAD as per RFC2616
  • 9eae7e5: [Routing] removed unneeded code in the dumper Apache rules
  • f9ffdf5: [Routing] added proper support for the HEAD method
  • c561f4f: [Routing] changed HTTP method to always be uppercased (to be consistent with HttpFoundation/Request)
  • c72537d: [Routing] fixed route matching when the prefix contains variables
  • 8457bfa: [FrameworkBundle] fixed _locale management in core.request
  • 8c0e502: [DoctrineBundle] fixed extensions of generated files
  • a98046d: [Config] added a guard against circular references

New plugins

  • ttcDbSnapshot: lets you take snapshot of a database, load a saved snapshot, or take one on your production server and load it on your developement server.
  • sfLogRoller: provides a file logger which 'roles' as time progresses.

Updated plugins

  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • Spanish translation added
    • added the posibility to translate the 'are you sure' message
  • sfDoctrineShortUrl:
    • allow to ban at top-level domain level
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed a bug with the button slot where urls started with a space fail validation
    • do the right thing when we encounter an unmigrated pkContextCMS "prepostrophe" button slot
    • fixed results from searchAddResults need to be merged into the new memory-saving setup in a compatible way
    • fixed unexpected results when a less file is deliberately empty and the object is reused to compile a second file
    • pulled setDebug out of domReady and just execute it before the domReady in a script block
  • apostropheBlog:
    • added deleteWithoutPermissionsCheck() function so tasks may remove blog posts and events

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A week of symfony #231 (30 May -> 5 June 2011)

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