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A week of symfony #233 (13->19 June 2011)

This week Symfony 2.0 beta5 was published, marking the end of the beta period. Once more, the Form component was the most active, but lots of components were tweaked and improved, including Process, CssSelector, Yaml and Finder. Other important changes were a big performance improvement in ClassLoader and the refactorization of Session.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


  • r32652: [1.4] fixed sfRoute, which was not serializing some parameters
  • r32653: [1.4] fixed possible PHP notice
  • r32654: [1.4] fixed standard actions in sfObjectRouteCollection (HEAD is equivalent to GET)

Activity summary:

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 1e50a55, 07d823c: [HttpFoundation] fixed charset always being set to UTF-8
  • 91f4097: [Routing] better nesting for RouteCollections in dumped URL matcher classes. With this change, a route prefixed with '/blogger' will be nested inside '/blog'
  • 5b0f1da: [HttpKernel] made WebTestCase methods static
  • 8677aa3: [Form, TwigBridge] fixed rendering
  • 9135f96: [Form, TwigBridge] made the template cache more efficient
  • b19052f: [Form, TwigBridge] improved the cache layer by caching blocks instead of templates
  • acd2cf1, 33baf9d: [TwigBundle] optimized the FilesystemLoader
  • 16e6cea: [DoctrineBundle] fixed generation of the first entity in a bundle
  • 1890dab: [AsseticBundle] added custom coalescing logic to work with logical template names
  • d16a708: [Form] simplified file type class
  • c364008, 2ce3cfa: [Form] allowed an empty value to be displayed for choices even when required is true
  • 4e3e276: [Form] made the prototype view child of the collection view
  • ac0c00c, 38b3b74, 136b80a, 9d6357c: [HttpFoundation] made File extends \SplFileInfo
  • a7c1ff8: [Validator] allowed DateTime objects as valid Times
  • 4016dfb: [AsseticBundle] moved ExecutableFinder back into a closure so it's only called if needed
  • 1ad5bfd: [CssSelector] renamed SyntaxError
  • b76a1c3: [Finder] added a convenience method Finder::create()
  • c6cc427: [EventDispatcher] added a way to set the priority for event subscribers
  • ee8f34e: [AsseticBundle] added more cssembed config options
  • 2f04bdb: [HttpFoundation] made checkIp() reuseable
  • 3859589: [Yaml] renamed load() to parse()
  • a9dab71: [Yaml] removed support for YAML 1.1 spec
  • 06614cd: [Yaml] moved exceptions to their own sub-namespace and added a specific exception for the dump
  • b552354: [Process] executable Finder will now try to match if a file is already in the open_basedir list before searching it thru that list
  • b709551: made Form::types and FormView::types use the same order (Parent > Child)
  • af97610: [CssSelector] renamed Parser::cssToXPath() to CssSelector::toXPath()
  • 46a93c3: [Routing] optimized PHP dumper when the parent prefix is the same for several adjacent collections
  • 52697ed: [Swiftmailer] changed disable_strategy behavior, which could be slightly different depending on the order of plugin registrations
  • fb24b95: made some tweaks to error levels
  • 1467a9b: [HttpFoundation] refactored Session
  • b3fa8bf: [Swiftmailer] allowed any service to be used as a transport
  • 524d51a: [AsseticBundle] moved the bundle to its own repository (but it's still bundled with Symfony SE)
  • f1b955b: [Form] changed transformers to not change the timezone of the provided value
  • 2b0c352: increased code coverage for YamlParser, Validators, PhpEngine + Helpers, HttpFoundation
  • a7974ff: renamed Form Twig templates to be more explicit
  • fa9b920: [Security] renamed UserProviderInterface::loadUser() to refreshUser()
  • 627a7f7: [TwigBridge] renamed some block names to avoid collisions
  • 41347bc: [DoctrineBundle] added the support of custom types for the platform
  • ad1b690: [DoctrineBundle] updated the XSD schema
  • fb4f378, 968cc75: [ClassLoader] made a big performance improvement
  • 610c1cc: [Routing] removed AnnotationGlobLoader

Repository summary: 2,351 watchers (#1 in PHP, #24 overall) and 609 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

Updated plugins

  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • fixed problem when option boolean_ids is empty
    • fixed problem with no-boolean observed widgets
  • sfRADIUSAuth:
    • fixed wrong conf-key usage: use app_sfRADIUSAuth*
    • change log messages to match symfony standard: use {sfRADIUSAuth} as prefix
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • added javascript file for the admin menu
  • sfProjectAnalyser:
    • added the plugin version number in the config summary
  • cpUniForm:
    • added support for fieldset-class form option
    • fixed getFieldsetClosingToken
  • sfPropelSqlDiff:
    • fixed foreign key errors
  • sfDatePickerTime:
    • fixed compatibility with PHP >= 5.2.4
    • correction of minors typos in the documentation
  • apostrophe:
    • wrapped the act-as-submit function in some logic that makes it check if there's an existing submit before generating one
    • changes that permit overriding permissions in project-specific ways
    • added field name as a class to form row in the sign in form
    • made the signin button form use an anchor with actAsSubmit rather than an input
  • apostrophePeople:
    • added a apostrophe:generate-people task to apostrophe people task
    • added category filter to people plugin
    • removed created_at, updated_at, and slug fields from People plugin new/edit views
    • moved new/edit/list titles in generator.yml, added default sort by last name
    • change 'sex' field to be a dropdown instead of a freeform text field
    • apostrophe:generate-people task now sets the 'sex' and 'email' fields for every person as well
    • updated frontend people list and individual person view

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