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A week of symfony #234 (20->26 June 2011)

Symfony2 introduced this week the new interactive generators, which could vastly improve your development productivity. In addition, a brand-new mailing-list for Symfony2 was unveiled. Lastly, the first Release Candidate version was released and the Symfony2 components were made available on the new Symfony2 PEAR channel.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 01ecaa4: [Config] renamed FileLoaderImportException to FileLoaderLoadException and replaced some \InvalidArgumentException with this new exception class
  • 2e1747b: added more information about a resource in error and debug messages
  • 8b168a1: [HttpKernel] updated HttpKernel::varToString()
  • e43fb98: [Form, TwigBridge] made FormExtension::render() recursively callable to ease theming
  • e09ae3f: [Form, FrameworkBundle] made FormHelper::renderSection() recursively callable, introduced FormHelper::renderBlock()
  • f729c6b, 2c1108c: [Form] added the ability to override label & widget options when rendering a row (reverted)
  • 8670995: [Form] optimized rendering when the block to render is known
  • cdd39ac, 7783a05: added ability to set 'empty_value' for DateTimeType, DateType and TimeType
  • c827faf, 159fc0e: [Validator] added support for IDNs and custom TLDs
  • 25e99e8: renamed Command to ContainerAwareCommand
  • 6ab11eb: [Console] decoupled Command from Application
  • 406c8d8, abd60ac, f315ad9, e272d56: [WebProfilerBundle] tweaked profiler toolbar
  • 7af003b, 37521b6, 84e87c6: [HttpFoundation] allowed stringable objects and numbers in response body + added tests
  • edbdf7b: rename kernel.listener to kernel.event_listener (better consistency with doctrine.event_listener)
  • 7350109: renamed core.* events to kernel.* and CoreEvents to KernelEvents
  • 4620700, 1c36d5a: [Validator] changed recognition of constraints in annoations
  • 2d13129: [DoctrineBundle] added an autoloader for doctrine proxies
  • f39ce67: [Form, FrameworkBundle] PHP theming
  • 1cb2129: [FrameworkBundle, Form] added a cache to FormHelper::lookupTemplate()
  • a43fad4: [Form] improved unit tests for rendering
  • 5d46e63: [Form] added the FormHelper configuration
  • 7117f41: [FrameworkBundle] removed init:bundle (replaced by the generator bundle in Symfony SE)
  • b91bd78: [DoctrineBundle] removed generate:doctrine:entity
  • 1436d8d: [Security] added an HttpUtils class to manage logic related to Requests and Responses. This change removes the need for the {_locale} hack
  • bda4129: made run() fully non-blocking and fix potential other problems
  • d49e306: [DomCrawler] fixed handling of relative query strings as links
  • 6de97c5: [Form] made required part of the algorithm to determine if an empty value should be added to a choice
  • 8ccebc4: [DomCrawler] fixed Link::getUri() method for anchors
  • 4824926: [Validator] restricted the True and False validator accepted values (the notion of True/False in PHP alone is too large)
  • 05c9906: [HttpKernel] suppressed response content for 304 responses out of the cache
  • ad5d2c1, 17b41b2, 7bc19f9: added to TimeType and DateTimeType extension possibility to render form as single_text (similar to DateType option)
  • 2cf7136: [FrameworkBundle, Form] tweaked the choice widget PHP template
  • 46680d4: [FrameworkBundle] switched back to Doctrine Common 2.1
  • e80ce57: [HttpFoundation] added REQUEST_TIME by default
  • 920a209, 1dfb637, cb3ad8b, e43cd20: [Security] fixed http basic (reverted)
  • 600cd41, 9cd1590: [FrameworkBundle] fixed cache:clear command
  • a19c336: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the profiler when the WDT is disabled

Repository summary: 2,413 watchers (#1 in PHP, #23 overall) and 619 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfPinba:
    • fixed code formatting
  • sfTrafficCMS:
    • fixed sub nav credentials
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added pm forms
    • added IP validator
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • removed the schema formatter
  • isicsWidgetFormTinyMCE:
    • added option path
  • apostrophe:
    • the default routes of a Doctrine module now work as an Apostrophe engine, just change sfDoctrineRoute to aDoctrineRoute in routing.yml
    • fixed the footer by properly nesting the if-has-slot-include-slot thing in layout.php
    • don't forget to set published_at in the archived case to make the query work
    • new app_a_page_cache_enabled setting must be set to true to turn on the Apostrophe page cache, adding the filter is no longer sufficient
    • apostrophe:after-deploy must pass environment to symfony cc so that apostrophe:deploy can clear the page cache
    • clear the page cache only on the clear:cache task, not on all tasks
    • changed the a_remove_filter_button helper to use an a_button instead of a link_to with an image tag
  • apostrophePeople:
    • styled the category filter for people
    • refactored categories filter to be saved in the session
    • added a wrapper to aPeopleTools for setting and getting user attributes
    • refactored some query getters
    • formatted and styled the people index sidebar filters
    • added name filter to the people plugin
    • refactored templates and added ajax support
    • changed 'sex' enum to match current values for sites already using the people plugin

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