A week of symfony #237 (11->17 July 2011)

Symfony2 changed this week the way cookies are managed, moved the EntityUserProvider from Security Component to Doctrine bridge and fixed some minor errors. In addition, Twig nicely improved its performance with the new 1.1.1 version and Assetic published the final 1.0 stable version, both joining the group of external Symfony2 libraries which have recently published stable versions in preparation for the final release of Symfony2.

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Symfony2 development highlights


  • ea7a0eb: [Security] fixed redirection URLs when using {_locale} in the pattern
  • 30d348d: [Form] made the default invalid message translatable
  • 0e4d057: moved some RFC-tweaking logic in Response to a public method to make it reusable
  • dbe1854: added a AccessDeniedHttpException to wrap the AccessDeniedException
  • 00c7e91: [HttpKernel] removed special case when using the CLI
  • e718a51: [DependencyInjection] fixed un-detected circular references involving aliases
  • f08eeb4: moved managing cookies of HeaderBag in ResponseHeaderBag
  • d34caee: merged and unified blocks `field_label` and `form_label` into `generic_label`
  • f91f4dd: added the possibility to set cookies with the same name for different domains and paths
  • 2a24603: [Routing] allow multiple @route annotations with a default name on a single method
  • 88d915d: [Validator] fixed Min and Max validator when the input value is not a number (now return an error message instead of an exception)
  • 91cfb24: made namespace for Doctrine cache unique to each environment
  • df34e0e: [FrameworkBundle] fix for setting a custom file link format
  • 1633cb3, b33e1ba: [Security] moved EntityUserProvider to Doctrine Bridge
  • 182f9e6: [HttpFoundation] added population of the Authorization header based on the PHP_AUTH_* data
  • 29e4063: [Security] changed order of checks to check for more specific things first
  • 1238bb3: [HttpKernel] lowered the number of level to keep in Flattened exceptions to make the tests pass when XDebug is enabled (beause of the default max nesting level of 100)
  • c045120: [Validator] fixed error message property path when a collection error occurs
  • af67e65: [Form] fixed validation when using the validation_constraint option
  • 2c224ce: improves the exception message, and removes unnecessary constraint to only allow strings inside strings
  • 634131b: [Twig] made a small optimization to avoid problems with XDebug when rendering forms with deep nested collections
  • a1d8c70: [Routing] fixed a bug when a default value is an integer

Repository summary: 2,566 watchers (#1 in PHP, #23 overall) and 674 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

Updated plugins

  • sfReCaptchaWidget:
    • updated reCAPTCHA API
  • sfWidgetFormInputSWFUpload:
    • fixed file description showing all images irrespective of passed parameters
  • cpFormulate:
    • made translate method public
  • bhLDAPAuth:
    • fixed bad fixtures
    • fixed for Propel 1.6
    • fixed CSRF protection
  • cpUniForm:
    • updated updateWidgets method
  • apostropheBlog:
    • improved both event and news feeds: don't double-escape titles, use a getFeedTitle method, include pubdate field
    • fixed if a blog slot is restricted to a category we still need to pull all of the categories affiliated with each blog posts in order to link them to their best engine pages
    • refactored event search helper to allow for overriding fields
    • blog posts can now be filtered by author
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed page settings wasn't working at all for users without the manage privilege
    • when minify is false, allow the original less filename to be seen as part of the compiled css filename for easier debugging
    • 404 errors now yield a page that suggests a search
    • copied logic from the button component class to the slideshow component class so it has default values for description and doesn't output markup if there is no description set
    • removed that stuff we added to check for descriptions and put logic in the slideshowItem template that checks for strlen on Title, Description, Caption separately
    • added an export action to the aAdmin theme
    • allows project level overrides of the naming of grouped asset files

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well that's a lot of changes and refactoring. so, when is RC5 coming out? :)
I would expect it today💩 probably

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