A week of symfony #238 (18->24 July 2011)

Symfony2 published this week its two latest release candidate versions, which include several hundreds of commits since the previous versions. In addition, the definitive release date for Symfony 2.0 stable version was announced for Thursday, 28th July.

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symfony 1 development highlights


Symfony2 development highlights


  • 872d308: [DoctrineBundle] allowed to configure dql functions without using the multiple entity mangers syntax
  • bb452cd: [Form] renamed invalid_message_template to invalid_message to be consistent with other error message names
  • 8fc9547: [FrameworkBundle] fixed session support in functional tests when using several clients in the same process
  • e2eb601: [FrameworkBundle] fixed absolute paths to the cache directory after running cache:clear
  • f6c5ef7, c3a060e: [DependencyInjection] added processConfiguration convenience method
  • 5d17b92: [DoctrineBridge] optimized the mapping drivers
  • 95011ce: [HttpFoundation] fixed creation of requests without a path
  • 1454d61, dafa4d2: [FrameworkBundle] made a huge speed optimization for functional tests
  • 9e7cb0a: [Routing] fixed default value for Routes as they can be anything if they don't need to be used as default values for placeholders
  • d3a69e3: [DoctrineBundle] renamed RegistryInterface::getEntityManagerForObject() to getEntityManagerForClass()
  • 7dcbcbe, 7720cb9, 5c06b3c, b36c002, 97cb35b: tagged public @api for HttpFoundation, HttpKernel, Templating, Validator, DependencyInjection
  • 8333df6: fixed autoloader when tests are run without intl installed
  • e5fa78a, e42a2de: fixed Form and Validator unit tests when intl is not installed
  • 3a285c1: [HttpKernel] fixed handling of null-values in attribute- and query-arrays (when esi is enabled and internal uris are generated for esi-tags, an attribute-array consisting entirely of null-values isn't handled correctly)
  • 0327beb: [Form] added ObjectFactoryListener
  • 3749ad4: moved the Exception listener from FrameworkBundle to TwigBundle as it relies on Twig being enabled
  • 7062cc2, ccda267, e776d5d, 6b0a9ff: fixed compiled classes and tweaked compiled class cache
  • cede13e: [FrameworkBundle] moved the SessionListener to the session.xml configuration file
  • 84abbbd: [HttpKernel] enhanced the ExceptionHandler so that it can be used in prod environment too (mainly useful for Silex)
  • 2b4cc9b: [Form] changed collection prototype rendering
  • c6115ce: [BrowserKit] changed Cookie::fromString() to not take the secure setting into account if the URL is not present or is not HTTPS
  • cc07af2: [ClassLoader] replaced MapFileClassLoader by MapClassLoader
  • e16c226: [HttpKernel] changed the way compiled classes are managed to be sure that they are included before the Kernel is booted
  • eb7c86b: [HttpKernel] removed the need to keep the compiled classes in the container

Repository summary: 2,601 watchers (#1 in PHP, #24 overall) and 683 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfEntityAttributeValue:
    • added Unit Tests and fixed readme
  • sfReCaptcha:
    • updated API urls
  • cpTcpdf:
    • added fpdi and tcpdf
    • added font files
  • sfFormExtra:
    • fixed label translations in sfWidgetFormSelectDoubleList
  • sdInteractiveChart:
    • added access to the setFormattedValue function in the Google API
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added a new password validator
  • apostrophe:
    • tweaked regular expressions to successfully split posts without matching links too early
    • automatically include project-level IE stylesheets
    • added alphabetical order to categories in smart slideshow slot
  • apostropheBlog:
    • fixed the new join to bring author information had an alias conflicting with another alias in the blog posts information query
    • date filters and author filters now combine exactly the same way date filters combine with anything else
    • filter links leaving the show action should not have implicit date filters
    • added an optional toggle to disable displaying aBlog/meta partial in the Blog and Events slots
  • apostrophePeople:
    • added a title attribute to the headshot list action

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Jihaa.... looking forward to the first "real" version and all the tutorials, bundles etc that will spawn

btw here are a small tutorial I made:

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