A week of symfony #251 (17->23 October 2011)

This week, Symfony2 added a stopwatch to profile code. The first use of this stopwatch is the new timeline panel in the web profiler. All these new features were introduced during the last Symfony Day 2011 conference.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


  • r33137: [1.4] fixed multiple database support in Propel plugin

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 97d6591: [WebProfilerBundle] tweaked the default layout to make more room for interesting content
  • 347053c: moved most of the logic from ResponseListener to the Response::prepare() method (this allows projects that only use HttpFoundation and not HttpKernel to be able to enforce the HTTP specification rules)
  • 312b20f: [FrameworkBundle] added more info to debug command output
  • fbc422b: [BrowserKit] added the standard output when an error occurs during the request execution
  • 106ebdb: [HttpKernel] added a Stopwatch
  • 842ac36: added Stopwatch support in debug mode, added a timeline representing the stopwatch events in the web profiler
  • c5ca40c: [Routing] added support for _scheme requirement in UrlMatcher
  • 46a69f1, ad7fcf5: define a WarmableInterface and only warm the cache if it implements warmable to allow replacing the core router
  • 3134ef1: [HttpKernel] removed usage of assertCount which has been introduced in PHPUnit 3.6
  • 2e1344e: [Routing] added the possibility to define default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix

2.0.x branch:

  • e81c710, 1a43505: [FrameworkBundle] increased the priority of the profiler request listener
  • HttpKer: check if cache_warmer service is available before doing the actual cache warmup

Repository summary: 3,234 watchers (#1 in PHP, #24 overall) and 819 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

New plugins

  • sfExport: (no description)
  • sfDoctrineTable: generates feature packed base tables to each model. Base table contains PHPDocs of available pre-generated WHERE, COUNT and JOIN considering table relations and its depth.
  • sfTools: provides some tools and debugging functions. * sfDebugTools.class.php (dump(), dump2(), getElapsedTime()).
  • sfDoctrineExtra: includes the following behaviors: Blameable, EventLoggable, GoogleI18n, Localizable, Sortable, Taggable, Temporal.

Updated plugins

  • sfRedis:
    • upgraded Predis to 0.6.6
    • deprecated commands alias in Predis
    • added option for reversing ZSET pager
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • fixed show_when stuff on linkTo* methods
  • apostropheExtraSlots:
    • fixed bug with IE and the map JS
  • apostrophe:
    • fixed a bug with the .a-normal / .a-editing class name that is toggled on areas and slots when the edit view is toggled
    • singleton slots were missing the .a-slot toggle because of the nature of the markup and the way the slot was being targeted
    • verbose logging for static file sync while we test a few things
    • fixed menuToggle issue
    • AJAX media edit form now supports CKEditor
    • a little clean up in layout for assembling the body class
    • added handy getDatabases() and databaseExists() methods in aMysql
    • aString::limitWords now supports an ellipsis option that lets you override what is appended as an ellipsis
    • added aHtml::lazyUrls, which turns likely hostnames into proper http:// URLs so that textToHtml() can pick up on them
  • apostropheBlog:
    • disabled the save on blur behavior for the blog admin interface in old apostrophe 1.4

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